ISV Licensing Showcase
For hosting your application in the Cloud

There are a number of options to deliver your application in the cloud – via self-hosting for which you will need Microsoft SPLA licensing, via a third-party hosting company, or via Azure.

Microsoft SPLA Licensing

If you want to self-host your application, either in your own data centre, a third party data centre, or in Microsoft Azure, Grey Matter can provide complete Microsoft SPLA advice and licensing. Contact Us.

Third-party Solution

Please contact us if you need help in choosing an ISV friendly third-party hosting provider.


Grey Matter can help you with licensing your Microsoft Azure solution – either using Azure to host your application, or when porting your application to Azure. Explore our Microsoft Azure showcase.


To add mapping to your application

If your application might benefit from mapping, explore Bing Maps, a Microsoft mapping service in the cloud.