ISV Licensing Showcase

Grey Matter has partnered with Avnet Embedded, the leading Microsoft Authorized Embedded Distributor, to create a Windows Server and SQL Server Appliance offering tailored to the ISV and SI community.

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Why deliver your business application in an Appliance?
  • Ship a complete application appliance to your customer, pre-activated for rapid deployment. Your customer just plugs it into their network
  • Simplifies the support and management of your business application - for example, the appliance can dial out for automatic updates of your software; you can dial in to perform remote support
  • Ship complete recovery media for the server appliance, including your application (unique to Microsoft embedded licensing)
  • Seamless Active Directory integration for ease of deployment and management
  • Customise the appliance, and the Windows Server Operating System, with your branding
  • Use an on-premise appliance as a local buffer or back-up for your hosted or Windows Azure application
  • 15 year product availability:
    • SQL Server 2005 available until 2020, SQL Server 2008 until 2023
    • Windows Server 2003 available until 2018, Windows Server 2008 until 2023.
Why Grey Matter Appliance Solutions?
  • Grey Matter is your single source for licensing advice and pricing for Microsoft royalty, cloud and embedded
  • Combined billing for the appliance hardware platform as well as the associated Microsoft embedded licenses for Windows Server and SQL Server
  • Direct support from Avnet and their partners during initial application setup in an appliance
  • Direct ISV and SI support from Avnet (you provide first line support for your customer, as with the Royalty Program)
  • You can bill your customers directly, including billing for Microsoft licenses
  • Wide choice of hardware brands and specifications.

More information on Microsoft SQL Sever for Embedded Systems here.