About Grey Matter ISV

About Grey Matter ISV

As the Microsoft Authorized Independent Software Distributor for ISV and Bing Maps Licensing we can help you increase profits from your software sales by enabling you to make margin on Microsoft software, with minimal reporting and licensing management overhead on your part - for both on-premise and cloud solutions.

Why Grey Matter?

By working with Grey Matter we can help you to:

  • Embed the Microsoft licence so it becomes part of your software solution
  • Provide other software products as part of your solution
  • Ensure your customers have the correct software licensing for their needs
  • Increase customer satisfaction and retention by being your customer's single source of software procurement
  • Deliver your existing applications from the cloud via Microsoft SPLA licensing and/or Grey Matter Hosting Services
  • Start the journey to Microsoft Azure, from understanding the technical and commercial implications of moving to a cloud business through to delivery of your first solution
  • License Bing Maps if your application needs mapping as part of your solution
  • Procure and renew software cost effectively for your in-house use
  • Partner with services companies, at no extra cost to you, to help accelerate your business growth.

Working with Grey Matter is a great way for you to provide your customers with a unified software solution – on-premise and in the cloud - to increase your profit margins and to help build lifetime customer relationships.