Intel Software Showcase



Assuming annual developer burden costs


Calculated developer weekly salary


Product Price (first year includes maintenance)


Yearly maintenance


Developer time savings

6.2 Developer Weeks

Developer cost savings


Payback period

3 Weeks

ROI first year

1012 percent

Intel delivers ROI on your software purchase*

Intel Software delivers up to £9,958 (1012%) ROI in the first year.

Intel gives software development organisations the ability to improve operations at all stages of the application development life cycle.

ROI benefits are available across a variety of value vectors, including productivity, quality and reliability, performance and scalability.

Both Windows and Linux development organisations are realising ROI benefits with Intel.

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Quality and reliability

Tools effective in catching software defects earlier in the lifecycle cab save dramatically on time and cost required to correct them, which increses ROI.


Essential analysis, tuning and modelling tools make it easier for developers to find defects quickly, rapidly tune for performance and efficiently transition serial code to parallel code, saving both time and costs.

Performance and scalability

Vital threading, profiling and performance optimisation tools enable developers to design applications that take advantage of speed and scalability opportunities from multi-core processor architectures.

* All product prices and calculations correct as of 09/08/2013 Assuming annual developer burden costs calculated from average C++ Developer salary, credited to IT JobsWatch, salary correct as of 09/08/2013, plus employee tax contribution. Process for working out ROI taken from the Intel ROI Whitepaper downloadable from here.