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Intel and Rogue Wave Partnership

Rogue Wave TotalView is a dynamic source code and memory debugging for C, C++ and Fortran applications on Linux and Mac OS X.

Intel and Rogue Wave TotalView

TotalView, in conjunction with Intel Studio products, allows you to debug one or many process threads in a single window with complete control over program execution. This allows you to set breakpoints, stepping line by line through the code on a single thread or with coordinated groups of processes or threads and run or halt arbitrary sets of processes or threads. TotalView helps you reproduce and troubleshoot difficult problems that can occur in concurrent programs that take advantage of threads, OpenMP, MPI, GPUs or coprocessors.

Whether you are a scientific and technical computing veteran or a software professional new to the development challenges of multi-core or parallel applications, TotalView gives you the insight needed to find and correct errors quickly, validate prototypes, verify calculations and certify code.

Contact Grey Matter for more details on the Rouge Wave product range and find out how to purchase a bundle of Intel Parallel Studio XE and Rogue Wave TotalView and the cost savings available.