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Performance without compromise

Intel software tools enable developers to create and optimise high performance applications for the latest Intel processor architectures. Grey Matter has the knowledge and expertise to understand your business needs and can guide you through the Intel licensing options to help you bring your solutions to market as fast as possible.


These are the main licensing schemes available for Intel software products.

Named-user licence

Named-user licences are purchased and licensed on an individual user basis. The number of developers requiring access must equal the number of licences owned by the organisation.

Floating licence

A floating licence allows several users to share licences at the same time on several systems. The licences are managed from a licensing server, as soon as a licence is released from one user, another user can request it. Floating licences are available as two-seat or five-seat licences.

Academic licences

Academic licensing is available to degree-granting institutions.

Volume Licence Program

Similar in style to the Microsoft Open Value licensing scheme, Intel’s Volume Licence Program offers an affordable way to purchase higher value suites over a three year period. Minimum order value for the three years is the equivalent of $15,000 (i.e. $5,000 per year) and all licences include support and maintenance for the duration of the agreement.

One aspect to our status as an Intel Software Elite Reseller is our expert licensing knowledge. Please contact us with any Intel questions you have.


Most Intel licences include a year's support. When your support expires it's important to consider renewing your Intel software to ensure you have access to any new versions released. After your subscription expires, you are "locked in" to the last version which released during your subscription period, and you are limited in terms of support. A renewal license allows you to extend your support window and provides you with an upgrade path for new versions, premier technical support and associated resources.

Intel offers two different renewal options

Pre-expiry date renewal

A less expensive renewal if you renew before your current licence expires. The subscription starts from the expiration of your current licence.

Post-expiry date renewal

This renewal is if you choose to wait to renew until after your current licence expires. The subscription starts from the purchase date. It is available for purchase from licence expiration to 12 months after expiration.

Intel provides a tool to help you make a better choice about renewal and upgrades available for your purchased product(s). Click here to access the Intel website.

Why renew your Intel software?

Renew your Intel Premier Support to continue to receive:

  • Technical support direct from the experts at Intel
  • Online access to the Intel Premier Support Website
  • Issue submission and tracking
  • Product updates and related downloads
  • FAQ's, user forums and proactive notices