Intel Software Showcase

Intel Software Showcase

Intel software development tools help developers build high performance, robust applications, including parallel applications for multicore platforms and manycore processors.

Intel Media Server Studio 2017
Intel Media Server Studio 2016

The Intel Media Server Studio 2017 is a powerful software development suite of libraries that meets the demand for video and excellence in viewing experiences. Optimise your media solutions with powerful analytical tools to develop, debug, and deploy enterprise-grade media solutions on Intel Xeon processor and Intel Core processor-based platforms.

  • Deliver fast, high density and quality video transcoding, streaming, and conferencing
  • Access the full power of hardware accelerated codecs and programmable graphics on the latest Intel processors
  • Speed transition to 4K and HEVC

The tool suite supports both Linux and Windows Server, and provides media and OpenCL SDKs, runtimes, graphics drivers, and advanced performance and quality analysis tools to optimise your media solutions.

Available in two editions:

Essential Edition: Access hardware-accelerated codecs and programmable graphics on Intel processors through the Intel Media SDK, runtimes, graphics drivers, and more.

Professional Edition:
For premium media performance, video quality, and compliance, the Professional Edition adds enterprise-quality HEVC and audio codecs, and advanced video quality analysis tools.

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