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InterBase is a full-featured, high performance, encryptable, multi-platform and scalable relational database for developers to embed into their cross-platform connected applications.
InterBase is a low-cost, zero admin, lightweight secure database that gives you powerful access for control, data change management, disaster recovery and journaling, as well as support for popular database drivers for increased deployment flexibility.

  • Easy to embed or install, has a tiny footprint and supports powerful encryption
  • Change Views provide everything developers need to dramatically reduce network traffic and cellular costs
  • Leverages today’s multi-core CPUs and multi-CPU systems, along with a unique versioning approach, to retrieve and update your data fast
  • Introduces 64-bit server support for Linux and RHEL 7, Ubuntu 14 and SUSE 11 distributions
  • Can be hosted in the cloud, or kept local for even higher security and faster performance

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