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Software for today’s system modernisation projects

Design, build, and optimise your applications and databases for today's heterogeneous and distributed environments with Embarcadero’s advanced software tools.

Embarcadero Software Tools

Embarcadero RAD Studio™ is the fastest way to write, compile, package and develop cross-platform native applications with flexible cloud services and broad IoT connectivity from a single codebase. Fast Developers pick RAD Studio because it delivers Enterprise Strong Development™ and deployment 5x faster across desktop, server, mobile, cloud, and database platforms.

For more details or assistance with Embarcadero software tools, please call us on
+44 (0)1364 655123 or email embarcadero@greymatter.com

Why Grey Matter?

  • Grey Matter has been an Embarcadero UK Master Reseller since 2008.
  • We have a dedicated sales team who are trained by Embarcadero to ensure you receive the best purchasing and licensing advice on all Embarcadero products.
  • Our pre-sales technical team understand where Embarcadero tools fit within the development lifecycle and can advise you about the right products to streamline your application development, increase your productivity and reduce development and implementation costs.