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ARCserve Backup

ARCserve Backup unites innovative data deduplication technology, powerful storage resource management (SRM) reporting and robust security measures - making it a secure, reliable and efficient method of protecting the information residing on physical and virtual servers. Find out more

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  • Integrated Data Deduplication - Improves the economics of disk-based backup solutions by enabling longer retention periods, providing you with a cost-effective means of reducing storage needs, protecting critical data and integrating, configuring and managing deduplication in your existing backup environment.
  • Dashboard with SRM Reporting - Offers graphical insight into your backup environment and allows you to monitor the status of all backup activities, find the nodes that are taking the longest, locate backed up data, discover if data is encrypted and ready for disaster recovery and track volume, disk and memory usage on each of your production servers.
  • Backup Virtualised Servers - Incorporate sophisticated backup and recovery functionality into VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V, and Citrix XenServer virtualisation technologies – easing management and mitigating the risk of data on virtualised servers.
  • Centralised Management and Administration - Utilises a three-tier architecture that allows administrators to manage, modify and control backup and restore jobs, media devices, activity logs, alerts, catalogs, product licensing and reports from a single point that spans local and remote servers and locations.
  • Add Functionality with Agents and Options - Employs specific agents to support your core applications – including Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft SharePoint, Oracle, Lotus Domino, SAP R/3 and Sybase – and helps you ensure data integrity by protecting the transaction log, archive log, journal files and all associated data.
  • Flexible Backup Method - Include backup to disk, backup to tape, D2D2T backup, VTL and Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy Service snapshot support, hardware snapshot support, multi plexing and multi-streaming – which work in concert to provide you with high performance, non-disruptive backup and restore operations that help meet the specific needs of your mission-critical information and data assets.
  • ARCserve Replication and High Availability Integration - Enables you to browse and back up replicated data, restore data to the production or replica server, create synthetic full backups, view CA ARCserve Replication and HA reports and launch the CA ARCserve Replication and HA graphical user interface (GUI) from within the ARCserve Backup GUI.
  • Agent Deployment Services - Available as individual components, suites based on server type and suites based on capacity to meet your specific needs and purchasing requirements, making it incredibly easy to buy.