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Adobe Licensing

Adobe has four main licensing types available, a summary of these can be found below. For more details on the Adobe licensing schemes available please contact Grey Matter.


The Adobe® VIP programme is new subscription-based licensing programme offering yearly payments and instance access to the latest features and versions.

The latest version of Adobe’s creative tools, the CC product range, are available exclusively on Creative Cloud for teams complete and single app through the VIP programme. Acrobat® XI is available as part of Creative Cloud for teams complete, but is currently unavailable as a Creative Could for teams single app. Further details the VIP programme can be found below.


The EEA licensing is specially designed for education institutions, full details of this licensing scheme can be found below.

Adobe offers two additional licensing schemes, CLP and TLP.

CLP is a two-year membership program that offers commercial customers savings on volume purchases of Adobe products and simplifies software administration. There is a minimum initial purchase requirement for CLP. The latest version of Adobe’s Creative tools are not available under the CLP licensing scheme.

TLP offers volume purchase benefits to commercial customers without membership requirements or long-term agreements. The latest version of Adobe’s Creative tools are not available under the TLP licensing scheme.