Oct, 2017

Webinar: Reinvent the way you deliver applications

Join Grey Matter and Parallels RAS to learn how you can instantly enable your customers to easily access windows applications on any device and platform. Enhance user productivity by providing desktop applications as native apps on any platform including iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, Linux, Chromebook,  plus HTML5 browser. Differentiate yourselves from the competition by providing the best mobile experience on the market, and by also allowing customers to use the native gestures of their smartphones and tablets while working.

Attend our webinar to discover how to leverage the power of application delivery choosing between on-premise, hybrid or Grey Matter cloud services. Simplify the day-to-day management and provide users with a resilient service even during peaks by using our on-demand scalability solution.

The webinar is taking place twice:

  • Tuesday 29 August at 10am
  • Thursday 12 October at 10am

Register for one of the webinars now!

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