Apr, 2017

Intel Software Webinar: Faster Deep Learning At Your Fingertips

Arguably the most significant data science innovation in recent years, Deep Learning struggles to gain traction and adoption among critical users—data scientists and developers—due to its relative complexity of customisng deep learning models for their own problems, difficulties in installing and using the required frameworks, and low performance of open source deep learning frameworks on standard CPUs.

Intel Software can fix that.

This webinar session by Intel Software will show you how to easily train and deploy Deep Learning models using Intel Deep Learning SDK, which enables using deep-learning frameworks that were optimised to run fast on regular CPUs and multiple computers, including Caffe and TensorFlow. Additionally, Intel Deep Learning SDK includes tools for easy data pre-processing and for model compression, providing an end-to-end solution to the problem. In addition, it supports scale-out on multiple computers for training, as well as using compression methods and optimisation for deployment of the models on various Intel hardware platforms, including with limited memory footprints and performance constrains.

Date: Wednesday 26 April 2017.

Time: 5-6pm BST.

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