Apr, 2018

Microsoft Bing Maps Developer Webinar

Build Mobile Workforce Solutions with the new Bing Maps Fleet Management APIs and Services

3 April 2018

15:00PM-16:00PM GMT


Join Steve Lombardi, Bing Maps for Enterprise Program Manager, on this live online webinar, as he gives you a first-hand look at the latest full set of Bing Maps APIs and Services for your fleet, asset, and logistics applications.

The recent updates and additions to Bing Maps include new geospatial API services and solutions including Truck Routing, Distance Matrix, and Drive Time Isochrone. These new APIs provide you with advanced business solutions that go beyond standard mapping services, to help you deliver applications with greater location intelligence and innovative user experiences.

Also covered will be the new open source Fleet Tracker solution that leverages mobile phones to provide a web dashboard of where your mobile assets are located.


In this 60 minute webinar we will:

  • Review the core features of the Bing Maps platform – maps, geocoding, reverse geocoding, routing, advanced data visualisations and much more, available in over 100 countries.
  • Have a detailed look at the new APIs.
  • Learn about the Fleet Tracker solution, including a demo of the one-click deployment enabling you to be live on Azure in 10 minutes.

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