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Testing, QA and Code Quality

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Software to help test the reliability and code quality of the application you have developed

  • Atlassian Clover
    Code Coverage analysis application
  • Atlassian Crucible
    Team code review enabling teams to review, edit, comment and record outcomes
  • Xamarin Insights
    Full App crash reports.
  • Xamarin Test Cloud
    Mobile app testing made easy.
  • AlertSite
  • All Products Pack
    All the products that form the JetBrains Toolbox portfolio
  • ANTS Memory Profiler
    .NET memory profiling made simple
  • ANTS Performance Profiler
    .NET code and memory profiler
  • AQTime
    Performance and memory profiling for your 32-bit and 64-bit Windows applications
  • Collaborator
    Powerful code and document review tool
  • ComponentOne XAP Optimizer
    Reduce the size of your Silverlight and Windows Phone 7.1 applications by up to 70%.
  • DevInspect Java
    Simplify web security testing during development for Java
  • FDT
    Plug-in which boosts the already mighty open-source platform Eclipse and turns it into a powerful development environment for serious Flash and ActionScript coding
  • GlowCode
    Real-time performance and memory profiler for Windows and .NET programmers who develop applications with C++, C#, or any .NET Framework language
  • HP LoadRunner
    Prevent costly performance problems in production
  • HP QC Plugin
  • Intel VTune Amplifier XE
    Intel VTune Amplifier XE 2017 provides advanced performance and thread profiling for C, C++, Fortran, Python, assembly, and more.
  • JRebel
    JVM-plugin that makes it possible for Java developers to instantly see any code change made to an app without redeploying.
  • LintProject
    Code analysis with HTML reporting
  • LoadComplete
    Perform virtual load testing for your website
  • Morae
    Captures every nuance of live customer interactions to create a perfect, digital replica of the experience
  • NCover Code Central Server
    Enterprise-class code coverage powering world-class applications
  • NCover Collector
    Code coverage for your entire quality assurance process
  • PC-lint for C/C++
    Checks C/C++ source code quality and identifies inconsistencies, bugs, glitches and more on Windows.
  • QAComplete
    Enables QA teams to collaborate, track project progress and report on requirements, test cases, and defects
  • ReadyAPI
    API Readiness Platform
  • Redgate .NET Developer Bundle
    Bundle for .NET developers comprising ANTS Performance Profiler Pro, ANTS Memory Profiler and .NET Reflector VSPro
  • Redgate .NET Toolbelt
    Cost-effective bundles of Redgate's .NET tools
  • ResOrg
    Manage and Renumber Resource Symbol IDs
  • Sencha Test
    The most comprehensive unit and end-to-end functional testing solution for Ext JS apps.
  • Shunra VE Desktop Standard
    Simulates a wide area network link so that you can test applications directly from your desktop
  • SmartAssembly
    Protect your .NET code and Intellectual Property.
  • Telerik DevCraft
    Comprehensive collection of Telerik's .NET products
  • Telerik Kendo UI
    HTML5 and JavaScript widgets for web apps, mobile apps and data visualisations.
  • Telerik Platform
    Cross-Platform Mobile Development for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.
  • Telerik Reporting
    The easiest way to create and style reports
  • Telerik Test Studio
    Powerful solution to all your software testing needs
  • Telerik UI for Android
  • Telerik UI for ASP.NET AJAX
    Comprehensive suite of fast, powerful, easily customisable ASP.NET AJAX controls
  • Telerik UI for iOS
    Native and customizable UI controls for building iOS apps
  • Telerik UI for Silverlight Professional Developer
    The building blocks for Rich Internet Applications on the Silverlight framework
  • Telerik UI for Windows Phone Developer
    45+ controls for building Windows Phone 8 applications
  • Telerik UI for Windows Universal
    The first native UI controls for building Universal Windows apps
  • Telerik UI for WinForms Professional Developer
    Classic Windows Forms controls with modern WPF-like appeal
  • Telerik UI for WPF Professional Developer
    Components for the desktop interfaces of tomorrow
  • Telerik UI for Xamarin
    Native UI for building cross-platform mobile apps
  • TestAssistant
    The screen recorder for software testers and developers.
  • TestCafe
    Automate QA processes and test your websites and apps across browsers, operating systems and devices
  • TestComplete
    Automated testing tool to create, manage and run tests for any Windows, web, Android or rich client software.
  • TestDriven.NET
    Makes it easy to run unit tests with a single click, anywhere in your Visual Studio solutions
  • TestExecute
    Run TestComplete test projects and record results on computers without TestComplete installed.
  • TestLeft
    The tool enables developers working in an Agile and continuous delivery environment to create robust tests within IDEs, which helps drastically reduce test creation and maintenance time.
  • Time Machine
    Software application designed to facilitate testing and simulation of specified system dates and times without modifying or resetting the system clock
  • Upsource
    Repository Browsing and Code Review
  • Visual Lint
    Automated static code analysis within the Visual Studio IDE using the industry standard PC-Lint code analysis tool
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