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Software to assist the engineering professions

  • AMTECH Office
    Complete electrical software solution
  • Cone
    Creates standards-based temporary road traffic diagrams simple
  • FastTest
    Produce electrical Test & Inspection certificates for commercial and domestic installations quickly and easily
  • GoldSim Contaminant Transport Module
    Add-on extension to the GoldSim simulation framework that allows you to dynamically model mass transport within complex engineered and/or natural environmental systems
  • gridMathematica Server
    Extends the parallel computation capabilities for your Mathematica licences
  • Mathcad
    Engineering calculation software that drives innovation and offers significant personal and process productivity advantages for product development and engineering design projects
  • Mathematica
    Compute, Develop, Deploy with Mathematica
  • Settle3D
    Settlement and consolidation analysis
  • Tinytag Explorer
    Intuitive Windows program for all Tinytag data loggers
  • webMathematica
    Brings the power of Mathematica to the web with interactive calculations and visualisations
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