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Design & Requirements Management

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Design tools to assist you in the design of software and data structures

  • Altova MissionKit 2017
    Cost-effective bundle of Altova products
  • Altova UModel 2017
    UML software modelling and code generation tool
  • Enterprise Architect
    The Advanced Software Modeling Tool for UML
  • Idera ER/Studio
    Analyse, visualise, model and communicate database and application designs faster and easier
  • Idera ER/Studio 2016
    The ultimate data design, modeling and collaboration solution
  • MDG Integration
    Integrate Enterprise Architect into your favorite IDE
  • MDG Link
    Link Enterprise Architect with your favourite IDE
  • MDG Technology
    MDG technology add-ins for Enterprise Architect.
  • NXJ Developer
    Quickly Build Rich Internet Applications that Leverage the Power and Flexibility of SOA
  • stpsoft Storyboarding
    Visually define and validate user requirements with Microsoft Visio and generate storyboards, specifications and test scripts
  • Team Developer
    Speed the Building and Deployment of Microsoft .NET Applications
  • Visual Paradigm for UML
    Visually and diagrammatically design, integrate and deploy their mission critical enterprise applications and their underlying databases
  • Visustin Flow chart generator
    Visualize your source code with flow charts and UML Activity Diagrams
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