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Tools for minimising threats from malicious content

  • CensorNet Professional
    On-premise web filtering and management software/virtual machine to enforce acceptable Internet usage policy and report on web usage
  • ContentBarrier
    Website content blocking for Macs
  • eSafe Gateway
    Prevent malicious code from entering your network with integrated content security solution
  • eSafe Modules
    Enhancing your content security and productivity with these add-on security modules
  • eSafe Web
    Detect, filter and block Web-borne threats
  • eSafe Web SSL
    Analyse encrypted traffic to protect your network
  • GFI WebMonitor
    Monitor and filter the Web content users can browse and download
  • GFI WebMonitor for ISA
    Monitor, control and scan the Web content users can browse and download, plugs in to Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration (ISA) Server and Threat Management Gateway (TMG) Server
  • Kerio Control
    Robust network firewall that protects against a comprehensive range of threats
  • McAfee Application Control
    Protect systems from unknown, advanced persistent threats with centrally managed whitelisting
  • Securly://
    Cloud based Web Filtering for Schools
  • Websense Hosted Web Security
    Hosted Web virus and malware protection with Web filtering for organisations with few IT resources and distributed networks.
  • Websense Web Filter (formerly Websense Enterprise)
    Market leading web filtering for Enterprises from 50 to 250,000+ users, with networks of virtually any configuration.
  • Websense Web Security (formerly Websense Web Security Suite)
    Web security, reputation, and filtering protects against known and new Web threats for Enterprises up to 250,000+ users, with networks of virtually any configuration.
  • Websense Web Security Gateway
    Real-time, inline protection against today's advanced threats
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