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Tools to assist with managing and administering your data and databases

  • Altova DatabaseSpy 2017
    Multi-database data management, query and design tool
  • ApexSQL Diff
    Compare your SQL Databases in seconds - including BOTH Data and Structure
  • ApexSQL Log
    Read online logs, detached logs and log backups, and recover dropped/truncated tables
  • Database Activity
    Examines the user activity log in all or selected database to identify unused databases and much more
  • DataLoad Professional
    Quickly and reliably load data into Oracle Applications
  • DBGhost Professional Edition
    All the tools to implement the full DB Ghost Process
  • Deployment Suite For Oracle
    Fast and accurate tools for comparing Oracle database schemas, deploying changes and creating schema documentation
  • DLM Automation Suite
  • EMS SQL Management Studio
    Complete solution for database administration and development
  • Golden
    Ad-hoc query tool with many powerful features
  • Idera DB Change Manager 2016+
    The essential schema and data synchronisation tool
  • Idera DB PowerStudio for All-Platforms 2016+
    Includes a range of tools for developing and managing multiple databases such as Oracle, SQL Server, Sybase ASE and DB2
  • Idera DBArtisan 2016+
    Database administration tool - write, profile and debug SQL, monitor performance, perform backup and recovery tasks, and more
  • Quantum StorNext
    Data management software that combines high speed data sharing with cost effective content retention
  • RazorSQL
    SQL query tool, database browser, SQL editor, and database administration tool
  • SAP SQL Anywhere
    Rapidly design and power embedded database applications that run remotely on laptops, handhelds, and smartphone
  • Spotlight
    Monitor / Quickly Identify & Resolve Problems
  • SQL Data Compare
    Compare database contents and synchronise changes.
  • SQL Delta
    SQL compare and synchronization
  • SQL Multi Script
    Single-click script execution on multiple SQL Servers
  • SQL Source Control
    Connect your databases to your version control system
  • SQL Toolbelt
    Bundle of 15 SQL Server tools for development, deployment, backup, and monitoring
  • SQLyog
    Powerful MySQL manager and admin tool
  • Toad
    Quest Software's range of Toad products
  • Total Access Ultimate Suite
    The entire collection of twelve award-winning products for Microsoft Access lets you deliver more powerful Access solutions.
  • WinSQL
    Universal database management tool that can be used with any relational database to perform common administrative tasks
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