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ActiveX and COM components compatible with most development environments

  • Xtreme Calendar
    Outlook style calendars and date picker controls to easily manage dates and appointments.
  • Xtreme ChartPro
    Xtreme Chart Pro¿ 2011 is an advanced chart library for Windows environment software development.
  • Xtreme CommandBars
    Provides Windows developers with custom Office style RibbonBar, CommandBar, Menus and more.
  • Xtreme Controls
    Numerous components to handle general GUI requirements.
  • Xtreme DockingPane
    Easily create tear off tabs and auto-hide windows to allow for a more manageable and productive workspace.
  • Xtreme PropertyGrid
    Easily create a hierarchial list of editable properties that represent any data type
  • Xtreme ReportControl
    Easily create groups and sort data in a flat or hierarchical format.
  • Xtreme ShortcutBar
    Outlook style navigation panel to easily organise your applications functions.
  • Xtreme SkinFramework
    Create a completely skinned application that can be used on any Windows platform.
  • Xtreme SyntaxEdit
    Visual Studio style syntax editor control that supports text colorisation, text block grouping and more
  • Xtreme TaskPanel
    Sophisticated Office task panel similar to what is seen in Microsoft Office and Windows Explorer.
  • ANSMTP SMTP Component
    With only some simple scripts your applications will be enabled to create and send Rich Text/Html emails with this powerful smtp component
  • AspPDF
    ActiveX server component for dynamically creating, reading and modifying PDF files
  • Chart FX for COM
    Chart FX for COM combines 2 award-winning products in one powerful package. Chart FX Internet addresses ASP developers' need for online data visualisation while Chart FX Client Server solves any COM desktop development charting requirements.
  • Distinct Visual Internet Toolkit
    ActiveX components and COM controls for FTP Client, FTP Server, SMTP, POP3, MIME, IMAP, LPR, RAS, Telnet, VT220, Windows Sockets, SOCKS5 and others
  • easyPDF SDK
    Allows development of robust and multi-threaded PDF server and desktop applications
  • phGantTimePackage
    Component package for time planning available as .NET compatible ActiveX and VCL
  • TE Edit Control
    Feature-rich, robust, and time-tested RTF edit control
  • WSpell ActiveX Spelling Checker
    ActiveX control you can use in VB and Web pages viewed with IE to add a professional quality spellchecker to your application
  • XUpload
    Upload ActiveX control to perform file uploads from a user machine
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