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Grey Matter and the Bing Maps Partner Program

Any data that has a location can be mapped with Bing Maps. Gain deeper business insights and greater operational efficiencies with the cross platform mapping service built for business. Bing Maps transforms your business data with rich interactive imagery and location-based capabilities.

Grey Matter is the authorised Microsoft EMEA and APAC Bing Maps Distributor. We have been helping developers to create and license Bing Maps applications since 2009. Our specialist mapping team provides all the resources you need to create, manage and license your mapping application. Contact us with any licensing or technical questions you have, by phone: +44 (0)1364 655133 or email: or
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Bing Maps usage scenarios

Mapping technology is now integral to successful business strategies.

The Bing Maps platform provides multiple API options for application development including an AJAX control, a Windows Store apps control, a WPF control, REST Services, and Spatial Data Services.

Mapping imagery includes Bird’s Eye View, Aerial, Road, Ordnance Survey data, 3D imagery and overlay shapes.

Bing Maps Scenarios

  • Business Applications - such as CRM, BI, Intranet, route planning/scheduling
  • Tracking - only for use with Windows applications or consumer assets
  • Websites
  • Mobile

Bing Maps licensing types

  • Per User
  • Transactions
  • Mobile Asset Management

Licensing Schemes

  • Volume Licence (for example, Open) for End users
  • ISV Partner Program for developers embedding Bing Maps in an application or service
Why Grey Matter?

Grey Matter is the only authorised Microsoft EMEA and APAC Bing Maps Distributor. We are recognised by Microsoft as Bing Maps licensing experts. We have a dedicated Bing Maps team who are able to determine the correct and most cost-effective licence for your application, identify solutions for sourcing mapping data, and understand how your applications integrate with other Microsoft technologies.

Grey Matter:

  • Is a Microsoft Gold partner and has been selling Microsoft licensing since 1986
  • Has been specialising in Bing Maps for Enterprise Licensing since 2009
  • Has a team of trained advisors ready to help you get the right mapping package for your solution, at the right price
  • Has a direct relationship with the Microsoft Bing Maps team so if a question needs to be escalated we get quick responses
  • Will inform you in advance when your renewal is due, and keep you updated with any new special offers and pricing
  • Excellent account management from a team with an average tenure of 6 years.