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ChipScope Pro [Please Call for Pricing]

Published By: Xilinx, Inc.

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ChipScope Pro's logic analyzer, bus analyzer, and virtual I/O low-profile software cores directly into your design, allowing you to view any internal signal or node, including embedded hard or soft processors. Signals are captured at or near operating system speed and brought out through the programming interface, freeing up pins for your design. Captured signals can then be analyzed through the included ChipScope Pro Logic Analyzer. The ChipScope Pro tool also interfaces with your Agilent bench test equipment through the ATC2 software core. This core synchronizes the ChipScope Pro tool to Agilent's FPGA Dynamic Probe scope option. This unique partnership between Xilinx and Agilent gives you deeper trace memory, faster clock speeds, more trigger options, all using fewer pins on the FPGA.

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