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Xceed Data Manipulation Suite [v16.2 Commercial - Subscription Licence Renewal (Blueprint) (1-Year)  (Team8)  (8) Developers Team Licence - Electronic *Non-Returnable*] boxshot

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Xceed Data Manipulation Suite [v16.2 Commercial - Subscription Licence Renewal (Blueprint) (1-Year) (Team8) (8) Developers Team Licence - Electronic *Non-Returnable*]

Published By: Xceed Software Inc

£10,083.29 (Ex. VAT)

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High performance, flexible and reliable solutions for all your compression, networking, and encryption needs. Updated often, supported with care. 11 meticulously designed and tested libraries, 100% .NET, Xamarin and also ActiveX/COM.

  • Data compression, Zip, Streaming
  • File manipulation
  • Encryption, Encoding

Get efficient, time-tested code for zip file manipulation, secure FTP (over SSL), SFTP (FTP over SSH) transfers, stream and data compression, multi-location file and folder synchronization, Tar, GZip, 256-bit AES strong encryption, RSA public key cryptography, hashing, self-extracting, binary to text encoding, and more.

Technically superior. All .NET / ASP.NET / Xamarin libraries written in managed code, all ActiveX/COM controls written in ATL 3.0 and supporting both STA and MTA multi-threaded apartment models. No external dependencies. Available .NET source code.

Tremendous value, priced just slightly more cost than a single library, yet it contains 11 of the highest-quality libraries, together worth several times the suite’s low price. Nowhere else can you get such a complete application back-end toolkit, let alone for about the cost of other competitors’ single-purpose components. See the Features section for a complete list.

Xceed quality throughout

  • All libraries provide royalty-free distribution rights and unlimited server deployment.
  • All libraries are thoroughly and expertly documented and include a variety of sample applications for Visual Studio 2015/2013/2012/2010/2008.
  • All libraries are written to be efficient and do not depend on external DLLs
  • All are multi-threaded.
  • All libraries are feature-rich yet easy to use due to emphasis on intuitive API design.
  • Source code for the included .NET components available with the Blueprint Subscription

Compression (.NET/ASP.NET, Xamarin)

  • Includes Xceed Zip for .NET, a multi-talented, 100%-managed compression component with built-in Zip, Tar, GZip, AES encryption, file transfer, self-extracting, and filesystem capabilities. Lets you tackle more programming tasks with one single component. Supports every Zip capability under the sun, FTP through HTTP proxy servers, FTPS (SSL), and multi-location file and folder synchronization. Supports PPMd, BZip2 and LZMA compression as well. Compatible with the latest Zip standards popularized by WinZip 12 and up.
  • Includes Xceed Real-Time Zip for .NET, and Xceed Real-Time Zip for Xamarin, which lets applications read and write Zip archives without resorting to intermediate disk and memory storage. Its “on-the-fly' performance is ideal for high-demand server environments, diskless operations, I/O-intensive web sites, or any situation where memory or disk space is at a premium.
  • Includes a secondary lightweight compression class library for .NET that easily handles any size byte array and offers a true .NET pass-through stream.

Compression (ActiveX)

  • Includes Xceed Zip for ActiveX, the industry’s highest-performance and feature-rich Zip / Unzip compression component with self-extracting capabilities. WinZip-compatible AES strong encryption supported.
  • Includes Xceed Zip for x64, an ActiveX Zip compression library built specifically for the x86-64 processor architecture. Adds Zip & Unzip functionality to your applications quickly and easily. This high-performance 64-bit component has the industry’s richest feature set and works with all languages that support ActiveX or DLLs. Includes WinZip 9.0-compatible AES strong encryption (using 128, 192 or 256 bits) and BZip2.
  • Includes a streaming compression library module for easy, efficient “raw' compression and decompression functionality, as well as support for .GZ or .BZ2 files.

File Transfer (.NET/ASP.NET)

  • Includes Xceed FTP for .NET, a multi-talented, 100%-managed, and efficient class library that lets you easily add FTP file transfer, Zip, Tar, and GZip capabilities to your .NET and ASP.NET apps through a straightforward and intuitive object model. Lets you do more with one single component. Supports HTTP proxy servers, SSL, and simultaneously multi-location file and folder synchronization. Now supports MODE Z support and the FEAT command.
  • Includes Xceed SFTP for .NET, which lets you incorporate robust file transfer, access, and management that uses the SFTP protocol into any .NET / ASP.NET application (.NET 2.0 to .NET 4.6.X). Ideal for developers who need to deliver industry-standard security in applications, it uses the SSH file transfer protocol (SSH-2), which is distinct from the commonly used FTP or FTPS (FTP over SSL) protocols and addresses their shortcomings. Uses Xceed’s intuitive file and folder object model.

File Transfer (ActiveX)

  • Includes the feature-rich Xceed FTP for ActiveX so you can send, receive, or list files on an FTP server. Supports SOCKS 4 and 5 proxy servers.

Encryption (ActiveX)

  • Includes Xceed Encryption for ActiveX so you can encrypt and decrypt data with the latest strong algorithms, as well as digitally sign and verify documents.

Binary Encoding (ActiveX)

  • Includes Xceed Encoding for ActiveX so you can convert binary data into ASCII text or vice-versa in a variety of formats.

Legacy libraries

  • The following libraries are no longer sold to new customers: All Silverlight libraries, All Windows Phone 7 libraries. All .NET Compact framework libraries. Xceed Winsock Library for ActiveX. Xceed Backup Library for ActiveX.

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