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Visual Paradigm for UML [Please Call for Pricing]

Published By: Visual Paradigm International

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Visual Paradigm for UML facilitates organizations to visually and diagrammatically design, integrate and deploy their mission critical enterprise applications and their underlying databases. The tool helps your software development team to excel the entire model-build-deploy software development process, maximizing and accelerating both team and individual contributions.

  • UML Modeling - Improve modeling efficiency with this easy-to-use, feature-rich and reliable UML 2.1 modeling tool.
  • Database Modeling - Enhance database documentation quality with sophisticated ERD and Object-Relational Mapping diagrams.
  • Object-Relational Mapping - Know how to manipulate objects in Java, .NET and PHP? Then you now know how to access relational databases.
  • Interoperability - Exchange UML diagrams and models with other tools with industrial standard representation.
  • IDE Integration - Support full software development life-cycle, from analysis to design, and from design to implementation with your most favorite IDE.
  • Requirement Modeling - Capture requirements with SysML Requirement Diagram, Use Case Modeling, Textual Analysis, CRC and more!
  • Business Process Modeling - Visualize, understand and improve your business process with the most comprehensive BPMN tool.
  • Team Collaboration - Perform modeling collaboratively and concurrently with the VP Teamwork Server, CVS and Subversion.
  • Code Engineering - Keep model and code in sync with over 10 programming languages of your choice.
  • Documentation Generation - Share your design with your customers in popular document formats (PDF, HTML and MS Word).

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