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VMware Workstation Player [Commercial - Support (Incident) (1-Year) (5) Incidents - Electronic Multiple Platforms]

Published By: VMware

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New Features
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VMware Workstation can virtualise multiple operating systems, including Windows and Linux, on a single desktop and is packed with features useful for power users, IT administrators, developers, testers, technical support personnel and more. Each virtual machine represents a physical PC complete with processor, memory, network connections and peripheral ports. Switch between your main operating system and your virtual machines with a click of the mouse, share files between your physical and virtual machines using simple drag-and-drop and access your USB devices in the virtual machine. With VMware Workstation you can even run multiple virtual machines at once to simulate physical multi-tier systems, use snapshots to record and restore the virtual machine state and much more.

VMware Workstation 10 - What's New

Introducing Workstation 10

VMware Workstation 10 continues VMware’s tradition of delivering innovative features that technical professionals rely on every day. With support for Windows 8.1, tablet sensors, and expiring VMs, it's the perfect tool to make your work seamless, intuitive, and more connected.

Take Windows 8.1 to the Next Level

Unity mode has been enhanced to seamlessly work with Windows 8.1 UI changes.
Workstation 10 can now convert a Windows 8.1 physical PC to a virtual machine.

State of the Art Performance

  • Support for 16 vCPUs, 8 TB SATA disks and 64GB of RAM
  • New Virtual SATA disk controller
  • Now supporting 20 virtual networks
  • USB3 streams support for faster file copying
  • Improved application and Windows VM startup times
  • SSD Pass through.

More Control

Create restricted virtual machines that can expire at a predefined date and time. When powered on, the virtual machine will query the server at specified time intervals, storing the current system time in the restricted VM's policy file as the last trusted timestamp.

A Tablet in Your Virtual Machine

Industry first to provide virtual tablet sensors that enable virtual machines to take advantage of the accelerometer, gyroscope, compass, and even the ambient light sensor when running on a tablet.

Better Way to Work

  • Multiple monitor set-ups are easier than ever, whether you are using 2, 3, or 4.
  • VMware-KVM provides a new interface for using multiple virtual machines.

Broadest Host and Guest Operating System Support

  • Runs on both Windows and Linux host operating systems and supports over 200 guest operating systems - including most desktop and server editions of Microsoft Windows, Linux, Solaris x86, Netware, FreeBSD and more
  • Supports both 32-bit and 64-bit host and guest operating systems
  • Supports four-way Virtual SMP

Best-in-class Virtual Machine Architecture
  • Fully configurable - each virtual machine has configurable memory size, disks and I/O devices and support for CD, DVD, floppy and USB 2.0 devices
  • Specify up to 64GB of RAM per virtual machine
  • 64-bit sound driver for high-fidelity audio and video
  • Easily switch between virtual machines, suspend/resume them and pause them
  • Easily copy and share virtual machines by creating full and linked clones
  • Convert physical machines into virtual machines and import virtual machine formats from Microsoft, Symantec and Storage Craft
  • Support for record and replay of guest activity at the machine state and instruction level
  • 256 AES encryption of virtual machine data

Advanced Network Support
  • Powerful virtual networking options include Bridged, NAT, host-only and custom virtual network settings
  • Built-in DHCP server, and up to 10 virtual switches, enable connection of virtual machines to each other, to the host machine and to public networks
  • Run multi-tier applications on a single physical PC
  • Specify network bandwidth and packet loss rate between virtual machines in a team

Richest Desktop Experience
  • Configure a virtual machine to span multiple monitors, or multiple virtual machines to each display on separate monitors
  • Create shared folders and drag-and-drop, and copy-paste data between guest and host OSes
  • Connect high-speed USB 2.0/3.0 devices, including webcams and iPods
  • Resize the guest's screen resolution automatically to fit the size of a window or full screen, or run virtual machines in the background without using the Workstation user interface
  • Map a virtual disk to a drive letter on Windows host
  • Capture all screen activity in a running virtual machine with movie record and playback feature
  • Easily print from virtual machines without having to install printer drivers or connect the network printer
  • AutoProtect functionality automatically takes snapshots at pre-defined intervals in case of system failure

Powerful Development and Test Features
  • Debug applications in the guest OS, attach to a running process, and revert to a snapshot after the debug session has ended with Visual Studio and Eclipse integration
  • Capture and easily manage point-in-time copies of running virtual machines and 'undo' changes with the multiple snapshot feature
  • Manage connected virtual machines and simulate multi-tier configurations with teams feature
  • Enable remote users to connect to virtual machines from VNC clients with built-in VNC support
  • Invoke any virtual machine command from scripts to automate repetitive tasks
  • Use SpringSource Tools Suite to run and debug Java applications in a virtual machine without leaving the development environment
  • Run VMware ESXi and VMware vSphere as virtual machines to test server virtualisation setups

Security and Mobility
  • Package and deploy virtual machines with optional VMware ACE authoring capability, enabling encryption, network access and password control on portable media devices.

VMware will provide you with limited web-based support services for the Software for a period of thirty (30) days after the date of purchase and VMware will provide you with the 'VMware Complimentary Update Service' for a period of eighteen (18) months from the date of general availability of the Software.

The following support options are available for VMware Workstation customers who have 10 or more product licences:

Basic Support

  • 12x5 Mon-Fri support for 1 or 3 years
  • Unlimited support via phone or Web (target initial response time for severity 1 issues: 4 business hours)
  • Online access to documentation and technical resources, knowledge base, discussion forums
  • Product updates and upgrades
  • Up to 4 support admins per contract

Production Support

  • 24x7x365 support for 1 or 3 years
  • Unlimited support via phone or Web (target initial response time for severity 1 issues: 30 minutes)
  • Online access to documentation and technical resources, knowledge base, discussion forums
  • Product updates and upgrades
  • Onsite Support for Exceptional Escalations
  • Up to 6 support admins per contract

Per-Incident Support

  • Buy as a single pack, 3 or 5 pack
  • Provides support for a specific issue and may involve several interactions with technical support before resolution.

Host Requirements

  • 64-bit x86 CPU with 1.3GHz or faster core speed, LAHF/SAHF support in long mode
  • 2GB RAM minimum/ 4GB RAM and above recommended for large environments
  • IDE or SCSI hard disk drives, space dependant on number of virtual machines and virtual machine operating system
  • Supported host operating systems: Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, Server 2008, Server 2003, XP, numerous Linux distributions.

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