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ReliableDR for Software Replication [Commercial - Renewal With Support (Platinum) (1-Year) (1) Licence - Electronic] boxshot

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ReliableDR for Software Replication [Commercial - Renewal With Support (Platinum) (1-Year) (1) Licence - Electronic]

Published By: Unitrends

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Our Part #: 1011097 | Availability:  delivered via Email | Media: Electronic


ReliableDR disaster recovery software automates the replication and failover of your critical systems so that all Disaster Recovery processes - including failover and failback - can be automated and tested daily at far less cost than complex, manual alternatives. As a result, ReliableDR enables unmatched levels of resiliency for virtual IT infrastructures, and allows you to fully align your IT disaster recovery and business continuity plans.

  • Provide 100% automated DR failover, failback and testing for continuous proof your IT services are fully recoverable
  • Assure automatic certification that RPOs and RTOs will be achieved
  • Fully automate DR testing as often as you want to dramatically reduce the time, expense and resources to assure business continuity
  • Deliver complete reporting to satisfy regulatory compliance requirements
  • Get immediate detection and alerting of deviations in recovery time and recovery point actuals via dashboards, exported reports, email reports, and SNMP alerts
  • Guarantee rapid and reliable failover of virtualized applications and business services

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