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PGI C/C++ Server [Academic - Perpetual Licence  (5) Seats - Electronic Linux] boxshot

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PGI C/C++ Server [Academic - Perpetual Licence (5) Seats - Electronic Linux]

Published By: The Portland Group, Inc.

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29/04/2014 - NATHANB - Please ensure the end user is a true academic user, they must have an academic email address.


PGI C/C++ includes the native parallelizing/optimizing ANSI C99 and GNU-compatible C++ compilers. Both compilers implement full OpenMP 3.1 pragma-based parallel programming for multi-core CPUs, and OpenACC 2.0 pragma-based parallel programming for accelerators. The PGI C++ compiler is substantially compatible with GNU GCC 4.8 g++ and includes full support for NVIDIA CUDA C extensions targeting multi-core CPUs as a compute device (CUDA-x86). All C++ functions are compatible with PGI-compiled Fortran and C functions, so you can compose programs from components written in all three languages.

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