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Telerik UI for ASP.NET AJAX Professional Developer [Commercial - Perpetual Licence With Maintenance & Support (Priority) (1-Year) (1) Developer - Electronic Windows] boxshot

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Telerik UI for ASP.NET AJAX Professional Developer [Commercial - Perpetual Licence With Maintenance & Support (Priority) (1-Year) (1) Developer - Electronic Windows]

Published By: Telerik

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New Features

Telerik UI for ASP.NET AJAX includes over 30 UI controls and over 30 helper controls. From the leading AJAX data grid to the HTML editor used even by Microsoft, you will have all the building blocks for creating rich, SEO-friendly, high-performance Enterprise web applications. Telerik controls come with a range of ready-to-use themes including a Metro-inspired theme.

Just some of the controls included:

RadAjax, Calendar, Chart, ColorPicker, ComboBox, Dock, Editor, FormDecorator, Grid, Input, Menu, PanelBar, Rotator, Scheduler, Slider, Spell, Splitter, TabStrip, ToolBar, ToolTip, TreeView, Upload, Window. And many more!

New in Q3'14

  • New - TreeMap - Effortlessly turn hierarchical data into meaningful representations that can be colorised and visualised to fit your needs.
  • New - DataForm - Create forms easily--it takes just a few clicks to generate the form fields, bind them to a data source, apply a presentation layout and enable validation.
  • New - Wizard - RadWizard has built-in layouts, validation, keyboard support and responsive behavior, enabling it to adapt its look and feel to match the user’s screen size.
  • New - ProgressBar - Easily display the progress of any measurable process. RadProgressBar is lighter than the ASP.NET ProgressArea control, and perfect for use in simpler scenarios.
  • Grid - RadGrid now provides a user experience optimised for mobile devices. Touch zones are larger and easier to select, and all dialogs and dropdown menus are presented in the native-like manner users expect.
  • HtmlChart - Choose from several new chart types when visualising data: Waterfall, Horizontal Waterfall, Range Bar and Range Column. Enjoy support for 100-percent stacked series, multiline labels and logarithmic axis.
  • Editor - RadEditor is now more mobile-friendly, thanks to its responsive behavior and lightweight render mode.
  • Gantt - RadGantt leaves Beta and adds several highly-requested features, such as popup edit, year view, import from MS Project XML files and keyboard navigation.
  • ImageEditor - Enable users to create more compelling images using two new built-in image filters: Blur and Sharpen.
  • PanelBar - The new lightweight render mode saves a big portion of the HTML, CSS and resources RadPanelBar uses.
  • Elastic Capabilities - Several controls are now elastic, which means they adapt to the user’s font size: Editor, Map, ProgressBar, DataPager, Filter, TreeList, SiteMap, AsyncUpload and PanelBar.
  • Integration with Telerik Document Processing Library - Grid, Editor, TreeList and PivotGrid now seamlessly integrate with the Document Processing Library.
  • TypeScript Definitions - TypeScript is a Microsoft-supported language for writing robust JavaScript easily. It provides static language features such as typing, classes and interfaces, and helps you catch errors as you type. Our definitions for TypeScript cover all controls to provide AutoComplete and descriptions, accelerating client-side development.

New in Q2'14

  • New Map control - Use the RadMap Shape layers and GeoJSON data to easily create helpful map modules in ASP.NET web applications. The rich built-in GIS functionality enables you to add and control predefined layouts, markers, tooltips, zoom levels, UI elements and much more.
  • New Gantt control (beta) - You now easily manage and visualise project data planning.
  • New Diagram control (beta) - Create rich and interactive diagrams with ease. Powered by HTML5, the control offers excellent client-side responsiveness and user experience. Enjoy a multitude of predefined layouts and rich built-in functionality, including drag and drop support, connection editing, shape rotation and resizing and more.
  • New ClientDataSource - You can now populate all Telerik ASP.NET AJAX controls on the client side in seconds and perform CRUD data operations, as well as sorting, paging, filtering and grouping—entirely on the client.
  • Improved mobile responsiveness - 15 more controls gain responsive, elastic and adaptive capabilities to help you build apps with UX tailored to any device.
  • Integration with Telerik document processing library - As part of your UI for ASP.NET AJAX distribution, you gain access to the Telerik Document Processing Library, enabling you to manage documents within your app. Full-blown integration with all controls is expected in Q3.
  • Sample app: Diagramming tool - The sample app demonstrates RadDiagram functionality and integration with numerous other Telerik components.
  • Grid - Now supports handling all data operations on the client, new lightweight rendering for Grid child controls, touch gesture support enhancements and a new visual indicator to notify a user when a filter is applied.
  • Page Layout - The control now supports more complex layouts, sticky headers and footers and nested rows, thus officially leaving Beta.
  • Editor - Enjoy automatic registration of external dialogs and improvements in the Track Changes functionality.

New in Q1'14

  • Page Layout - With RadPageLayout you quickly build your page layout on the server side, add responsive capabilities and reduce network usage on mobile devices
  • Device Detection Framework - Get information about end-user device screen dimensions in CSS pixels. Learn whether the screen is small, medium, large or extra large, and serve different content for each.
  • Image Gallery - Rapidly display collections of images with little to no code writing required. This component features built-in paging, navigation and a set of animations for a nice user experience.
  • Supercharged Experience for Any Device - Thanks to new elastic, adaptive, responsive and fluid capabilities, multiple Telerik ASP.NET AJAX controls now offer a user experience optimised for the appropriate device screen size.
  • HTML5 Validation - The Telerik ASP.NET AJAX Barcode, ListBox, LightBox, Media Player and Scheduler are now fully compliant with the HTML5 standards.
  • HtmlChart - Enjoy six new chart types enabling you to cover more data visualization scenarios out of the box: Radar, Polar, Spline, Step Line, Box Plot and Funnel.
  • Scheduler - Apart from its adaptive rendering tailored for use on mobile devices, RadScheduler comes with improved export-to-PDF functionality and support for appointment resizing in Month View.
  • Editor - Leverage improved tracking of commands for more consistent track changes functionality Convert more commands to DOM-based inline commands.
  • Media Player - Enjoy support for non-modern browsers with fallback to Flash, built-in playlist functionality and support for displaying image ads.
  • LightBox - The LightBox now offers full-screen view, advanced animations for even more beautiful content presentation and support for different label positions.
  • PivotGrid - Leverage the support for calculated fields and calculated items to extend the data available directly from the database, by providing expression or making more complex calculations.


No need to learn another vendor's API - if you have worked with ASP.NET AJAX, you know how to work with RadControls and you can enjoy the product's extensive client-side JavaScript API without a steep learning curve. The product uses the same events, naming and base methods.

Unbeatable performance

Achieving performance is typically one of the biggest challenges in web development. RadControls features numerous capabilities to improve your performance such as built-in AJAX, built-in JSON, ViewState and HTTP compression, client-side databinding, efficient rendering with sprites and semantic HTML, script combining, and many more.

Powerful client-side capabilities

RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX allow developers to fully leverage the widely supported client-oriented programming of the ASP.NET AJAX framework. RadControls have a familiar and rich client-side API, guaranteeing full control over various functions performed on the client, such as: ability to bind to web services on the client; rendering on the client; ability to add, modify and remove items on the client and much more.

Wide cross-browser compatibility, XHTML & accessibility compliance

RadControls have wide cross browser compatibility and all popular browsers are fully supported. The controls are also rendered in clean XHTML for strict W3C standards compliance and are accessible according to both Section 508 and W3C Accessibility Guidelines.

SharePoint and DNN

Telerik RadControls include wrappers for Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) and DotNetNuke (DNN). Tailored for seamless integration with SharePoint and DNN, the toolset allows professionals to build web-solutions with the UI richness and responsiveness of desktop apps.

Runs on Linux

Telerik's ASP.NET controls run on Mono, an open source .NET framework implementation sponsored by Novell, tailored for development of Linux applications.

Cloud Support: Amazon S3, Windows Azure and More

Using LINQ, REST service calls and the client-side databinding capabilities of RadControls, you can consume cloud-based data and write back the changes to the cloud. And if you wish, you can go a step further and create a completely cloud-based application with Telerik UI controls.

Starter licences

  • Community Assistance
  • Dedicated support - covering up to 10 incidents
  • Support response time of 72 hours
  • Supports up to 3 purchased starter licences per company - cannot be combined with any 'Professional' licences.

Professional licences

  • Community Assistance
  • Dedicated support - unlimited support incidents
  • Support response time of 24 hours
  • Updates for subscription period
  • Source code
  • Licenced developer switching
  • Supports an unlimited number of purchased licences per company.

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