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Telerik Reporting Developer [Commercial - Perpetual Licence With Maintenance & Support (Priority) (1-Year) (1) Developer - Electronic Windows]

Published By: Telerik

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New Features

Telerik Reporting is a lightweight report generation tool for .NET. It can be easily embedded in Windows Forms and WebForm applications and supports data exports to all popular file formats such as PDF, Excel, RTF, TIFF, etc. Enjoy unique styling capabilities, a very intuitive Visual Studio report designer, and a powerful API, which will allow you to create elegant reports with ease. Unlike other products, Telerik Reporting offers seamless run-time royalty free deployment.

New in Q3'14

  • New 2D Barcodes (QR and PDF417) - The Barcode Report Item has been extended to support Quick Response (QR) codes and PDF417 matrix barcode.
  • Choropleth Map - The choropleth map provides an easy way to visualize how a measurement varies across a geographic area.
  • Text Justification - A highly requested feature, text justification allows you to justify text in plain text report items, such as text boxes and tables.
  • Html5 Report Viewer Item Template - This Visual Studio Item Template significantly simplifies the addition of the HTML5 Report Viewer to existing projects.
  • Query Builder for the Standalone Report Designer - The Query Builder enables you to build the select statement of the data source, add data tables and select data fields with a few clicks, using a wizard similar to the one in Visual Studio.
  • Support for Multiple Instances of the REST Report Service - This new feature enables you to use the HTML5 Report Viewer in Web Farms (for example, Azure with multiple instances).
  • Comprehensive API for All Report Viewers - The newly public members of the Report Viewers API enables you to take control. Now you can handle multiple events, such as RenderingBegin or Print, in a custom manner, using new public methods and properties.

New in Q2'14

  • Improvements to the Map Item: New Graph Series and Scale Legend - Telerik Reporting now extends its Map item functionalities, introducing two new series types: Pie graph series and Bar graph series. These allow for a more comprehensive geographical data representation.
  • CSV Data Source - Bind report items to a CSV Data Source, avoiding any unnecessary coding, with a dedicated wizard.
  • Improved Report Wizard - The improved Report Wizard offers separate item templates for a blank report and report conversion. Besides the band and label reports, it now supports other report types including table, crosstab and map reports.
  • Enhanced Upgrade Wizard - The Upgrade Wizard guides you through the process of upgrading your Telerik Reporting projects to a newer (or older) version of Telerik Reporting. With Q2, the Upgrade Wizard also handles HTML5 Report Viewer upgrades, replacing the HTML5 Viewer file bundles (HTML/CSS/JS).
  • Improvement to the Graph Item: Seconds Unit in the Date/Time scale - Introduce seconds to the Date/Time scale of your Graphs for an even finer data representation.

New in Q1'14

  • Map Report Item - Q1 2014 introduces the ability to analyze data based on geographic location directly in your Telerik reports.
  • ServiceStack Support for the Reporting REST Service - added support for the open source ServiceStack framework to the Telerik Reporting REST Service, which joins the current support for the ASP.NET WebAPI framework.
  • Performance Improvements in All Rendering Extensions - significant performance improvements in the report rendering time.
  • Implicit Styling for the WPF and Silverlight Report Viewers - implicit styling for the WPF and Silverlight Report Viewers where the viewer styles will be provided in external XAML files.

WYSIWYG design surface in Visual Studio

Telerik Reporting is the first reporting tool in the industry to introduce an innovative WYSIWYG design surface in Visual Studio by implementing some techniques used in drawing software. The surface simulates graph paper and represents the actual layout of the report elements as they would appear on a printed sheet of paper. The design surface is extremely intuitive, meaning that you do not need to learn new UI for creating reports.

Extensive Data Source Support

Telerik do not set any limits on what data sources you should use. Since Telerik Reporting depends on standard .NET objects, you can bind it to any data source of your choice: all ADO.NET providers (SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, OLE DB, etc), Business Objects, MS Access, XML, Web Services, and even to a file.

RTL Language and Globalization Support

Due to business globalization, the need of multi-lingual and culturally aware applications is a requirement. Telerik Reporting is now culturally aware and you can have your reports use more than one culture at the same time. The cultures can be applied to the whole report or to specific items.

Top Support and Various Training Resources

To facilitate effortless development experience, Telerik provides a superior technical support and a variety of resources: demos, self-paced tutorials, videos, online documentation, Knowledge Base articles, sample applications and much more. A very active online community is available in the forums.

Royalty Free Licensing with Source for Better ROI

Telerik Reporting is the perfect solution for companies that need an advanced royalty-free solution for professional creation and viewing of reports. Source code is available with most licenses. Telerik also offers the most aggressive release schedule in the industry with guaranteed 3 major releases per year.

Easiness and simplicity in creating and reusing reports

Creating new reports is a breeze with the built-in Report Wizard with predefined layouts and styles. In addition, the most time-consuming tasks come with comprehensive wizards, builders, previews and handy tools. Complicated reports can be created in just a few minutes without writing a single line of code, saving time for more important tasks.
What is more, there is no need to recreate your existing reports, because they can be reused with the help of the automatic Report Converter Wizard, which supports Crystal Reports, XtraReports, Active Reports and all versions of Telerik Reporting.

Export your reports to variety of formats

Regardless of your business requirements, chances are that Telerik Reporting supports the export format of your choice: PDF, Excel, RTF, CSV, MHTML, all graphic formats that are supported by GDI+.

Reuse of Corporate Design and Branding

Telerik Reporting introduces an advanced and rich styling mechanism through its built-in styling model, which closely follows CSS specifications. This CSS-like mechanism offers full control over the item¿s background, images, colors, borders, styles, paddings, etc. Once created, just save your corporate design as a new theme and reuse it each time a new report is needed.

End-user Win and Web Report Viewers with PDF support

For complete control over viewing reports, the Telerik Reporting offers Windows Forms and Web Viewers, which guarantees you will always get the same look of your reports, regardless of the platform. Both viewers can export reports to PDF and are available within VS with individual design-time support.

Enterprise Services

Telerik provides extensive level of support and training services designed to help developers advance their knowledge about their products and fully utilise them in their projects, thus ensuring maximum ROI.

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