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Telerik Kendo UI Complete [Commercial - Perpetual Licence With Maintenance & Support (Priority) (1-Year) (1) Licence - Electronic *After 30-SEP-2015* Windows] boxshot

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Telerik Kendo UI Complete [Commercial - Perpetual Licence With Maintenance & Support (Priority) (1-Year) (1) Licence - Electronic *After 30-SEP-2015* Windows]

Published By: Telerik

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New Features

Kendo UI is a comprehensive HTML5/JavaScript framework for producing modern web sites and mobile apps. It includes rich jQuery-based widgets, a simple and consistent programming interface, a rock-solid DataSource, validation, internationalisation, a MVVM framework, themes, templates and more.

New in Q2'14

Kendo UI Web

  • Notifications - Easily add non-blocking notifications to your apps. This widget supports the various notification types, such as: warnings, errors and email notifications, animations and more.
  • MaskedTextBox - Define and restrict the data to be entered in an html inputfield. All you need to do is supply the input and the mask of the field. The widget will do the rest.
  • Sortable - A brand new widget allowing a list of items to be sorted by end-user via drag and drop. Can be integrated with Grid, ListView, TabStrip, etc.
  • 'Real-time' DataSource - More and more developers are building 'real-time' capabilities in their apps, as evidenced by the popularity of tools like SignalR (.NET) and (OSS). Kendo UI DataSource is enhanced to ensure painless real-time backend and therefore, support the above scenarios.
  • Grid Frozen Columns - The Frozen Columns feature of the Grid widget is useful when going through large amounts of data. This widget lets you lock selected columns by simply specifying locked in the column properties. Furthermore, the Grid automatically provides a menu to allow the user to lock and unlock columns.

Kendo UI DataViz

  • Diagramming (beta) - Brand new component providing rich support for Visio-like diagram types including flowcharts, organisational charts and more.
  • Map (RTM) - Previously in Beta, the mapping and spatial visualization becomes official with Q1’14. New features include data source binding for markers, keyboard navigation and more.

Kendo UI Mobile

  • Android 4.x UX updates - The current Android theme for Kendo UI Mobile is modernized to adhere more to styles of the Android 4.x operating system.
  • Pluggable Kendo UI mobile widgets - Using the mobile widgets inside a Kendo UI Mobile application is no longer a requirement. Now you can mix them with Web/DataViz widgets in a web desktop context, and also integrate them with other popular third-party libraries.

New Tooling

  • Dojo - Kendo UI Dojo is a brand new interactive way for you to work with Kendo UI. Manipulating Kendo UI code or editing online demos right off-the-bat has never been easier.
  • Chrome Inspector - This useful Chrome DevTools extension allows you to inspect your page for Kendo UI widgets and components configurations right in your browser. It then lists each one and allows you to view the widget configuration, log any events the widgets are firing, and even debug the code. This extension is available from the Chrome Web Store.
  • Angular Kendo UI v.1 - The popular integration project moved to version 1. You can download the official Angular Kendo UI open-source library from GitHub for free.

One Powerful Framework for All

With Kendo UI, you can easily create serious HTML5/JavaScript products without worrying about cross-browser compatibility, standards compliance or touch-device support.

Pixel-Perfect Themes for Your Apps

Kendo UI Complete widgets can easily be themed and styled via CSS. The framework includes 12 out-of-the-box themes.

Ultimate Performance with Minimum Resources

Kendo UI Complete is built from the ground-up to deliver the ultimate JavaScript app performance.

Responsive UI for Modern Apps

Kendo UI Complete delivers a comprehensive, responsive experience and brings you the features you need to deliver 'responsive UI for modern apps.'

Kendo UI and Other Frameworks

Telerik understand that many enjoy using Kendo UI with other libraries, like Knockout, Angularjs or Backbone this is why they have built Kendo UI Labs.

Ready for Touch

Kendo UI Complete is ready for touch right out-of-the-box. All the UI widgets support touchscreen devices, such as the iPad, iPhone and Android.

Rich Views and Models With MVVM

Get a high-performance Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) framework included with Kendo UI Complete.

All-in-One Development for Web and Mobile

Kendo UI Complete is everything you need to build modern web and mobile apps with HTML5 and JavaScript.

Customise Themes

When ready-made themes are not enough, you can use the ThemeBuilder tool. The configuration wizard simplifies transforming Kendo UI themes to perfectly match your site.

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