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Telerik Analytics [Please Call for Pricing]

Published By: Telerik

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New Features

Telerik Analytics is a business intelligence solution (SaaS) used to analyse how your users are using your software applications. It provides a small component, which you integrate into your software application. The component registers exceptions, version information and usage statistics to name a few, at the granularity you specify. The information is send to a Telerik server via the internet. Telerik Analytics then provides a web client to analyse the data collected.

Telerik Analytics collects all essential information: application usage, features usage, exception tracking, hardware information, OS information, custom logs and more. It also provides an option to inform your client applications about new versions of your software.

What's new in the latest release?

  • Better resolution on the country level maps
  • Advanced query item now stay in the workbench until actively removed
  • Items added to the workbench with “add to workbench' now stays in the workbench until actively removed.

Know your audience. Target it better. Develop wisely.

Get to know who your users are, what their device configuration is and how they behave. You can track the number of times your app was started, when it was used, and for how long. Learn your users' demographics, how many new and returning users you have, what version of your software they are using, their usage patterns, and more. Plan your next release to target your best segment, and prioritise feature development for your most loyal audience.

Resolve issues before users report them. They will thank you for this.

Let's face it: in production, your users see the application crash before you do. And they get irritated. In some cases, this may even lead to lost revenue for you. With Telerik Analytics you don't have to wait for users to report crash reports anymore. Let the service monitor exceptions, log errors and alert you when crashes occur. You can even push a notification to your users that a fixed version of your application is available. How cool is that?

Monitor your app in real-time. Address issues as they emerge.

Application health is as important as its features. Use Telerik Analytics to capture crash reports and exceptions, track application performance, identify and fix problems before your users report them. Your customers will be grateful.

Instrument your application quickly and easily.

Integrating core functionality in your software is simple and takes a few minutes. Just download the SDK for your development platform, create a product key, and add these to your project. Telerik Analytics will start tracking your app usage right away. The API is simple and uniform across all platforms, and offers both easy instrumentation and full control, without imposing the restrictions of 'clever' decisions made by other automated solutions.

Anonymous and secure monitoring with minimal footprint. For a piece of mind.

Your users don't have to be skeptical as to what information is collected by the application. With Telerik Analytics you can configure the level of privacy to your users' comfort levels, to your software needs, and according to legal requirements. You can track application usage by IP address, custom installation ID, and/or anonymous ID generated by the system. No personal data is collected, nor shared. Data collection happens in real-time, with minimal performance impact on the app.

Your software data. Available anytime. To whomever you give it access to.

Telerik Analytics provides you with centralised data management interface, including data aggregation, filtering, exporting and alerts. Your information is available online and can be viewed from any browser, anytime. It is arranged in simple-to-analyse dashboards, which can be customised to your needs. The interface also allows for managing who can have access to what information in your account.

Data-loss protected architecture. For better decisions.

The Analytics service comes with a data-loss protection where the data is stored on the device (locally) if the internet connection goes missing. The architecture scales extremely well and easily handles software installations in the thousands. The service is very stable, and has already been working nonstop for 3+ years. For you this means better decisions, based on complete user data without data losses.

Technical support from the best in the business.

We are here to help you! Telerik Analytics is a service by Telerik, the company known industry-wide for its superior technical support. We consider our customers as friends and we treat them like friends - with respect, honesty, understanding, and genuine desire to help.

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