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Essential Studio Enterprise Edition [Please Call for Pricing]

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Syncfusion Essential Studio Enterprise Edition includes everything you need for developing complex line of business applications across all Microsoft .NET platforms. Create rich applications and integrate business intelligence analysis and reporting solutions. Take advantage of direct access to source code so you can customise anything to suit your needs. With per-developer licensing and no royalties, Essential Studio Enterprise represents great value for money.

What's included?

  • User interface edition - Professional UI Controls for Windows Forms, WPF, ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, Mobile MVC, Silverlight and Windows Phone.
  • Reporting edition - File format based high fidelity reporting and standards based RDL reporting.
  • Business Intelligence edition - Complete data analysis solution with OLAP and in-memory support.

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High performance

Syncfusion delivers great performance for your applications by harnessing the best possible optimisations that each development platform has to offer. All the controls are built with performance integrated into them from initial design and at every stage of development.

Ease of use

Feel at home with Visual Studio when you develop with Syncfusion controls. Full Visual Studio integration, additional utilities for effectively managing integrating the controls and an intuitive object model all mean increased productivity.

Create stunning UIs

Essential Studio includes several stunning custom styles that help you quickly implement application wide UI enhancements. Creating a functional UI control can take up to 1 year to fully test and build. This being the case, applications end up with a good-enough UI which can look outdated. Syncfusion offers these assets out of the box. You can use them as you wish to deliver a very rich, beautiful user interface.

Best of industry support

With the sophisticated Direct-Trac support system built from the ground up to support enterprise customers, you will have a streamlined experience working with the Syncfusion support team.

Hassle free licensing

The licensing options can fit whatever your project needs. Syncfusion offer everything from per-user licensing, to site licenses that cover all the users in one building, to global licenses. If none of the pre-defined flexible licensing options quite fits what you need, they can be customised. There are no royalties or server-deployment charges.

Full source code

When you work with Syncfusion, complete, easy-to-work-with source code is available for all components. The source code can be used with a minimum of effort ¿ it¿s very closely integrated and Syncfusion have a build management system that lets you step in and build any assembly from scratch at any point. The availability of source code makes the products easier to extend and helps users build reusable frameworks.

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