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Instant Messaging [Please Call for Pricing]

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Instant Messaging service provides security and control for businesses using public IM clients by applying anti virus, URL filtering, content control and logging services to all instant messaging traffic. Quick and convenient to set up and use, Instant Messaging is also easy to administer via a user-friendly web portal.

  • Operates with AOL¿s AIM, Yahoo! Messenger and Live Messenger.
  • Delivers multi-layered protection against known, new and converged threats propagated via public IM networks.
  • Incorporates intuitive policy-building capability, including stacking of multiple rules.
  • Integrates fully with LDAP compliant directories.
  • Incorporates configurable/customisable rules and notifications.
  • Doesn¿t require downloading of an agent or software to your network.
  • Includes dashboard, summary and detailed reporting.

Supported public IM clients

  • Yahoo! Messenger
  • Windows Live Messenger
  • AOL IM 5.9.

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