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SonicWALL SonicPoint [Please Call for Pricing]

Published By: SonicWall Inc

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Rapidly deploy and manage your 802.11 wireless networks while also securing wireless traffic and optimising performance with the SonicPoint Wireless Access Point Series. Combine high-performance SonicPoint Series 802.11ac wireless access points with industry-leading SonicWall firewalls to achieve wired-like network security and performance on your wireless network.

Key Features of SonicPoint:

  • Secure, high-speed wireless networking.
  • Extended signal performance and quality.
  • Comprehensive security.
  • Simplified integration and deployment.
  • Centralised ongoing management.
  • Low cost of ownership.

SonicPoint ACe

Take advantage of superior wireless network performance without sacrificing security. SonicPoint ACe wireless access points use 802.11ac technology to provide high-speed wireless connectivity. Easily set up and manage all your SonicPoints from a single location.

SonicPoint ACi

Extend your network with secure, high-speed wireless. The SonicPoint ACi wireless access point combines 802.11ac wireless performance, proven security, internal antennas and dimmable LEDs for discreet wireless networking environments.

SonicPoint N2

Building a secure, high-performance wireless network doesn’t have to be expensive. SonicPoint N2 wireless access points feature high-speed 802.11n wireless connectivity, dual radios and all the other advantages that SonicWall wireless network security solutions offer, in a cost-effective solution.

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