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SolarWinds Web Performance Monitor [Commercial - Perpetual Licence Upgrade From WPM3 (WPMX) (1) Licence - Electronic]

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SolarWinds’ website monitoring software provides intuitive user experience testing with dashboards that display alerts and graphs for Websites on both sides of the firewall - no agents required! Drill into Website load times, user experience for complete transactions, page load speed by location, heaviest page elements, waterfall charts, and images not displaying as intended.

User Experience Testing from Multiple Locations

SolarWinds’ web monitoring software allows you to test the user experience from multiple locations (inside the firewall or in the cloud) to gain insight into the global user experience.

Detailed Website Load Time Metrics

SolarWinds’ website monitoring tool provides a wealth of performance data to help you identify and troubleshoot Website load time issues.

See the Application’s Page Load Times alongside Infrastructure Performance

Web Performance Monitor integrates with SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor (SAM) and Network Performance Monitor (NPM) to identify whether performance problems are due to slow loading page elements or due to an issue on the Web or application server, database, network or application services.

Cloud-based Web Transaction Monitoring

SolarWinds Web Performance Monitor allows you to quickly and inexpensively deploy transaction players to Amazon® Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) and run tests whenever you want with SolarWinds’ website monitoring software.

Easy-to-Use Transaction Recorder

Quickly and easily record complex multi-step transactions with absolutely no tedious scripting involved with SolarWinds’ website monitoring software.

Website & Web App Performance Reporting

Web Performance Monitor’s Web-based reports makes it easy to generate reports on page load speeds, transaction health, website availability, and key performance metrics.

Create Custom Properties

Monitoring transactions are much easier with custom properties. Give additional structure to your transactions, create dynamic groups, account limitations, or create groups for various resources.

Transaction Alerting/Notifications

SolarWinds Web Performance Monitor allows you to set custom thresholds for transactions and discrete steps.

Multi-Tenant UI

SolarWinds Web Performance Monitor allows you to use the multi-tenant UI to monitor Web application performance for large deployments or managed service provider (MSP) environments.

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