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SolarWinds Log & Event Manager Workstation Edition [Commercial - Renewal (1-Year) (LEM800 and LWE250 - Up To 800 Server Nodes) (250) Workstation Nodes - Electronic Windows] boxshot

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SolarWinds Log & Event Manager Workstation Edition [Commercial - Renewal (1-Year) (LEM800 and LWE250 - Up To 800 Server Nodes) (250) Workstation Nodes - Electronic Windows]

Published By: SolarWinds

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Over 3500 resource-constrained security pros rely on SolarWinds Log & Event Manager for powerful, affordable, and efficient Security Information and Event Management (SIEM). The All-In-One SIEM combines log management, event correlation, visualisation, reporting, file integrity monitoring, USB defense, SQL database monitoring, and active response in a virtual appliance that’s easy to deploy, manage, and use. It's been designed specifically for smaller security departments - providing the feature set you need without the complexity and cost.

Easy Collection of Network Device, Machine and Cloud Logs

Collect and catalog log and event data, in real-time, from anywhere data is generated within your IT infrastructure with SolarWinds’ event and log management software.

In-Memory Event Correlation for Real-Time Threat Detection

Access to true real-time log and event correlation by processing log data before it is written to the database, enabling you to immediately respond to security threats and vital network issues with SolarWinds’ event correlation feature.

Flexible Deployment Options for Scalable Log Collection and Analysis

Flexible deployment methods to efficiently and affordably scale across multiple sites and geographies with SolarWinds’ log analyzer and log collection features.

Out-of-the-Box Reporting for Security, Compliance, and Operations

Simplify security, compliance, and operations reporting with hundreds of built-in reports and audit-proven templates that can be easily customised for your organisation’s specific needs with SolarWinds’ SIEM security software.

All-in-One Virtual Appliance for Quick and Simple Deployment

Deployments are quick and simple with SolarWinds’ SIEM software. Our Event & Log Management software has an all-in-one virtual appliance, built-in rules and reports, easy-to-use web-based console, intuitive drag-and-drop interface, and point-and-click, drill-down simplicity, so you can be analyzing logs and uncovering threats in no time.

Cutting-Edge IT Search for Fast and Easy Forensic Analysis

SolarWinds’ event and log management software’s advanced ad-hoc IT search capabilities, drag-and-drop interface, and intuitive visualization options make it easy to view and explore current and historical log data in a way that makes sense.

Built-In Active Responses for Automated Remediation

Log & Event Manager enables you to immediately respond to security, operational, and policy-driven events using built-in, configurable Active Responses to take automatic actions, such as quarantining infected machines, blocking IP addresses, disabling user accounts, and more.

USB Defender Technology for Internal Data Loss Protection

Log & Event Manager helps eliminate endpoint data loss and protect sensitive data with real-time notification of USB devices, coupled with the ability to monitor what files are accessed on the device, as well as the ability to automatically block their usage.

Embedded File Integrity Monitoring for Smarter Threat Detection and Broader Compliance Support

SolarWinds’ SIEM software has real-time File Integrity Monitoring (FIM) for Windows at no extra cost, allowing you to address more compliance requirements and gain deeper security visibility.

High Compression and Encryption for Secure Log Archival and Efficient Log Management

Log & Event Manager securely stores terabytes of log data at a high compression rate and enables immediate access to historical data for easy analysis, searching, and compliance reporting, while reducing external storage requirements.

Low Cost, Node-Based Pricing Model for Budgets of All Sizes

Log & Event Manager collects and catalogs log and event data, in real-time, from anywhere data is generated within your IT infrastructure.

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