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SolarWinds Firewall Security Manager [Commercial - Renewal (1-Year)   (FSM80) (Up To 80) Managed Devices - Electronic] boxshot

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SolarWinds Firewall Security Manager [Commercial - Renewal (1-Year) (FSM80) (Up To 80) Managed Devices - Electronic]

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Firewalls are only as good as the rules that you’ve built. SolarWinds’ firewall rule analyser feature can help ensure the integrity of those rules by analysing and optimising complex configurations, automating security and compliance audits, and simplifying change management to identify and eliminate weaknesses in your multi-vendor firewall environment.

Comprehensive, Multi-Vendor Firewall Management

Firewall Security Manager provides powerful, centralised and simplified management for your multi-vendor Layer 3 network security environment.

Automated Firewall Security & Compliance Audits

SolarWinds’ firewall management software automates security audits using over 120 customizable, out-of-the-box policy checks based on standards from NSA, NIST, SANS and others.

Firewall Change Management & Reporting

Firewall Security Manager streamlines firewall change management by reducing the manual effort associated with determining, validating, and deploying changes to network firewalls.

Interactive Firewall Dashboard

SolarWinds’ firewall management software provides a customizable, intuitive dashboard for fast and easy insight into security posture and risk status.

Rule Clean-up & Optimisation

Firewall Security Manager automatically analyzes your firewall configurations and identifies rules and objects that can be safely removed to optimize performance while enhancing security with SolarWinds’ firewall analyzer.

Change Impact Analysis

Firewall Security Manager predicts how firewall changes will impact packet traversal through the network, based on connectivity, routing, and the devices involved in a change request.

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