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TestComplete Desktop Module [Commercial - Perpetual Licence Upgrade With Maintenance (1-Year) From Node Locked (1) Floating User - Electronic Windows]

Published By: SmartBear Software

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TestComplete is an automated testing tool that makes it easy for anyone to create automated tests for software. TestComplete's script-free keyword testing, ease of use and centralised Start Page make learning automated testing a snap. Plus TestComplete's flexible and extensive feature list ensure power users always have a solution to testing challenges. TestComplete supports a variety of different test types including functional testing, performance testing, client/server testing, integration testing, regression testing and data-driven testing. It can perform tests to verify your business logic, measure software and server performance, analyse databases and assess user experience.

New features in TestComplete 12

Test and Verify Oracle Forms

  • TestComplete 12 comes with support for testing Oracle Forms
  • Programmers can choose among multiple scripting languages, while manual testers can use script-free record & replay functionality to test Oracle Forms

Test mobile web on real devices

  • Along with emulators, TestComplete 12.0 now provides support testing website on real mobile devices
  • No need to jailbreak, unlock or root your devices

Use JavaScript to create automated tests

  • TestComplete 12.0 comes with full support for JavaScript
  • Simply record tests in JavaScript to create automated tests across desktop, web, mobile, and packaged apps or write your tests directly in JavaScript

Intelligent recommendation for object not found issues

  • Easily find and fix 'object not found' error
  • TestComplete 12.0 provides automatic suggestions on finding the right object identifiers

Support for AngularJS and AngularUI web frameworks

  • Test web apps that are using client-side JavaScript frameworks such as AngularJS and AngularUI
  • Support for other popular web frameworks such as ASP.NET MVC, BackBoneJS, and Ruby on Rails also included

Seamless Integration to QAComplete

  • Send projects suites, projects, or tests directly to QAComplete,
  • “Export to QAComplete' option added as a part of improved integration

Features Added in Previous Releases

Support for Python

  • Record or create automated test scripts using Python.

New Source Control Systems Integration

  • Maintain test versioning using integration with source control systems such as Git, Subversion, and Mercurial.

SoapUI NG and SoapUI Integration

  • Add, run, and report on functional API tests created using SoapUI NG Pro and SoapUI

Reuse Functional tests as load tests

  • Convert TestComplete Web tests into performance tests.
  • No need to write separate tests for performance and functional testing.
  • Assign virtual users after conversion to ensure predictable performance at different stress levels.

Plug-in for Jenkins

  • Use new plug-in for Jenkins to launch TestComplete tests directly from Jenkins builds. Results get automatically updated to Jenkins after execution.

Automate your tests

  • Create automated tests with ease - automated tests can easily be created even by inexperienced users, so everyone in your organisation can start using TestComplete immediately.
  • Expand your test capacity - automate software tests on a wide range of applications and simulate user actions on any application from any development language.

Use the testing type you need

  • Functional GUI testing - TestComplete offers many features that extend the productivity of automated functional testing.
  • Keyword-driven testing - Keyword tests are the basic automated testing type in TestComplete.
  • Regression testing - Regression testing consists of re-running existing test cases and checking that code changes did not break any previously working functions, inadvertently introduce errors or cause earlier fixed issues to reappear.
  • Data-driven testing - Data-driven testing with TestComplete means using a single test to verify many different test cases by driving the test with input and expected values from an external data source instead of using the same hard-coded values each time the test runs.
  • Unit testing - The essential point of unit testing is that only a small part of the application is tested with each unit test. With TestComplete you can automate NUnit, JUnit, DUnit and MSTest tests, use TestComplete's unit tests or create unit tests without special frameworks.
  • White-box testing - Provides the automated test engine with access to methods and properties defined in the application¿s code.
  • Distributed testing - A distributed test (or network test) is a test that consists of several parts that are executed on separate computers.
  • Object-driven testing - Object-driven testing with TestComplete enables automated test development in a modular, object-oriented manner.
  • Coverage testing - TestComplete integrates with SmartBear¿s profiling and debugging tool, AQtime Pro, to help software developers and engineers improve application quality.
  • Manual testing - SmartBear¿s TestComplete is a full-featured manual test authoring and management environment.

Automated testing of web and rich internet applications (RIA)

  • Cross-browser testing with TestComplete - record tests in one browser and play them back in any other supported browser - with minimal, or no, customisation.
  • HTML5 application testing - automate testing of your HTML5 web sites across different browsers and verify content including new HTML5 tags, web forms, JavaScript and CSS3 content.
  • Web testing with TestComplete - TestComplete fully supports front-end web testing. It can simulate user actions through the browser and detect the web page¿s state.
  • Testing AIR applications - get comprehensive automated AIR testing done faster.
  • Testing Flash applications - get comprehensive automated Flash testing.
  • Testing Flex applications - get comprehensive automated Flex testing.
  • Testing Silverlight applications - automatically detects the type of controls in Silverlight applications and records object-specific operations such as item selection, cell value change.

Automated test creation

  • Automated Test Recording Engine - automated test recording engine records object-based operations, such as choosing a menu item, selecting or clearing a check box, clicking tree nodes and so on.
  • Test Visualiser - built-in Automated Test Visualizer captures and displays screenshots of your tested application.
  • Checkpoints - includes special wizards that help you visually define elements to be compared and automatically generates automated test commands that perform the appropriate verification.
  • Access to the application's internals - gives testers access to public, protected and private methods, properties and fields of an application¿s visible and non-visible objects.
  • Object browser - your main tool for exploring the application under test, as well as other processes running in the system.

Integrate into your test and development processes

  • .NET integrations - supports multiple .NET Framework versions and development tools.
  • 3rd party controls - provides extended support for the most popular components and standard controls.
  • 64-bit applications - offers both 32-bit and 64-bit application support.
  • C++Builder applications - provides automated testing support for applications developed in Borland C++Builder 6.0 and later.
  • Delphi applications - tests can be written using a Delphi-like scripting language known as DelphiScript.
  • AQtime Pro integration - integrate AQtime into your automated tests so you can profile your application during testing.
  • Visual Studio - full-featured automated testing tool for both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows, .NET, WPF and Silverlight applications.
  • Integration with QAComplete - integrate automated test cases into ALMComplete and QAComplete.
  • Java applications - test Java AWT/Swing/SWT/WFC applications and applets.
  • Plug-ins - create your own plug-ins that will extend TestComplete.
  • Integration with source control systems - integrations with Source Control Systems and Visual Studio.
  • Qt Applications - ensure the highest quality of your Qt applications before delivery.
  • Visual Basic applications - within automated tests, objects of the tested Visual Basic application are addressed using the same names that the objects have in the application code.
  • Visual C++ applications - recognises all onscreen objects in Visual C++ applications and effectively automates even complex controls such as grids, trees or menus.
  • WPF applications - high-level test actions, such as item selection or cell data input, are object-aware rather than coordinate-aware and thus are more stable and resistant to the UI changes when performing WPF testing.

Test case automation with scripts

  • Test script types - automate advanced automated test cases using VBScript, JScript, DelphiScript, C++Script or C#Script.
  • Test script editor - test script editor that allows you to write, view and manage your test scripts.
  • Test script debugging - powerful test debugger that allows testers to easily troubleshoot automated keyword-driven test and test scripts.

TestComplete Extensions and SDK

  • Create your own plug-ins that will extend TestComplete and provide specific functionality for your own needs. For example, add: support for custom controls, custom keyword test operations, scripting objects, new UI elements and more.

Test Run Reporting

  • Advanced reporting - reporting gives you deep analysis of the test results, so you can quickly locate and fix errors. Detailed test logs contain results of all operations performed during the automated test.
  • Test logs - generates detailed, tree-like logs of all actions performed during automated testing to help testers perform deep analysis of automated test results.

TestExecute - Featured Add-On

  • Use TestExecute to create cost-effective test infrastructure and run TestComplete tests on remote computers and virtual machines that don't have TestComplete installed.

For each user, you need to purchase one Platform and one or more Modules, depending on the technologies you work with. If you are purchasing a platform with more than one module, Bundle discounts are available.

TestComplete uses two license types: Node-Locked and Floating User.

Node-Locked License

The Node-Locked license is bound to one computer. You can run only one TestComplete instance at a time on this computer.

Do not activate Node-Locked licenses on virtual computers. If you need to run tests on virtual computers, use Floating User licenses or TestExecute.

Floating User License

The Floating User license lets you run several TestComplete copies on multiple computers in the local network. The number of copies that can work concurrently is determined by the license key.

TestComplete Bundle, available now until Dec. 31, 2016.
Includes: TestComplete Web, Desktop, Mobile, TestExecute

TestComplete is comprised of TestComplete Platform, which provides an IDE with foundational components for automated testing, test recording, integration with 3rd party tools, and API/SDK for extensions, and Technology Modules, which extend the platform to enable testing of specific application technologies - Windows Desktop, Web, and Mobile. For each user, you need to purchase one Platform and one or more Modules, depending on the technologies you work with. If you are purchasing a platform with more than one module, Bundle discounts are available.

If you have a TestComplete 9 licence with active maintenance, the upgrade path is as follows:

  • Each TestComplete 9 Enterprise license will be upgraded to a TestComplete 10 license including TestComplete Platform plus TestComplete Desktop and TestComplete Web modules. This also includes one license of TestExecute. This package is the equivalent of the TestComplete Enterprise Edition.
  • Each TestComplete 9 Standard license will be upgraded to a TestComplete 10 license with the TestComplete Platform and the TestComplete Desktop module. This package is the equivalent of the Standard Edition.
  • Each TestExecute 9 license, including those procured as part of the Enterprise Edition, will be upgraded to a TestExecute 10 license.

TestComplete Platform

TestComplete Platform provides the extensible foundation of all TestComplete test automation functionality, and includes the TestComplete IDE, integrations with third-party products, and features that are used for any application type.

Desktop Module

The Desktop module provides functionality for testing Windows desktop applications created with various development tools and languages. It contains specific tools that allow TestComplete to recognize internal objects, methods, and properties of desktop applications and includes extended support for UI controls of popular vendors.

Web Module

The Web module provides support for functional testing of web applications running in popular Windows browsers or Web Browser controls built into Windows desktop applications. This module includes plug-ins that enable browser DOM access for TestComplete, to recognise individual elements on web pages, and to provide access to their internal methods and properties.

Mobile Module

The Mobile module includes support for testing native mobile applications.

Supported operating systems

  • Microsoft Windows 7 (both 32-bit and 64-bit editions).
  • Microsoft Windows Vista (both 32-bit and 64-bit editions).
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2008 (both 32-bit and 64-bit editions).
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 (Server Core installations are supported only with the WoW64 component installed.).
  • Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 3 (both 32-bit and 64-bit editions).
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2003 (both 32-bit and 64-bit editions).

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