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eSafe Web SSL [Please Call for Pricing]

Published By: SafeNet

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eSafe Web SSL analyses encrypted traffic to protect your network. eSafe's Web SSL Gateway protects your organisation by scanning, analysing and inspecting encrypted traffic ¿ and therefore protecting your organisation from hidden threats. With Web SSL Gateway working around the clock to protect your network, your organisation will benefit from comprehensive security benefits:

  • Transparent inspection of ALL encrypted (HTTPS, SSL, TLS) web traffic
  • Policy based certificate authorization at the gateway instead of unsafe and insecure reliance on user discretion
  • Automatic certificate revocation with CRL and OCSP support
  • Full support of eSafe's policy-based URL filtering for encrypted sites
  • Easy one-click management of digital certificates
  • Root and Client CA store with auto-add and categorise Root and Sub-CA
  • On-the-fly exception handling based on URL and certificate fingerprint
  • Special handling of client-side certifications
  • Flexible black and white lists administration
  • Extensive incident management and reporting capabilities
  • Seamless Integration with eSafe's Web Security Gateway and Web Security Gateway + network security solutions

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