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eSafe Modules [Please Call for Pricing]

Published By: SafeNet

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Aladdin (acquired by SafeNet inc.) offers security modules that extend and enhance the capabilities of eSafe, allowing you to customise content security to meet the exact requirements of your organisation ¿ and to scale easily and effectively to your organisation's changing needs.

  • eSafe AppliFilter Monitors and blocks unauthorised Internet traffic and application protocols such as P2P, IM, Spyware etc. Protects against application level threats and provides policy enforcement and control of all inbound and outbound communications, regardless of port.
  • eSafe URL Filtering Monitors and blocks access to inappropriate or non-productive web sites, providing additional security (as many inappropriate web sites are sources for malware), as well as increased productivity.
  • eSafe Advanced Anti-spam Enhanced anti-spam solution featuring image detection and industry's largest spam URL database. Blocks over 95% of spam with less than 0.5% false positives and includes advanced quarantine management spam tagging.
  • eSafe Advanced Reporter Reporting module for SQL database to generate reports from eSafe log files. Includes more than 30 of the most common reporting requests and allows easy customisation of reports.

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