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eSafe Gateway [Please Call for Pricing]

Published By: SafeNet

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eSafe's integrated gateway content security is fast and proactive, preventing known and unknown malicious code, spam, non-productive and inappropriate content from entering your network. It addresses all layers of content security, and delivers superior protection that is easy to deploy and manage. eSafe Gateway is a comprehensive, fully-integrated content security solution that addresses all content security layers.

  • Proactive anti-virus: Proactively blocks most zero-hour malicious code, including worms and Trojans.
  • Signature anti-virus: Checkmark certified to block 100% of in-the-wild viruses.
  • Exploit protection: Proactively block security vulnerability attacks in all email and on the web.
  • HTTP protocol enforcement and exploit detection.
  • HTML inspection for malicious scripts and exploits in web pages, webmail and email body.
  • Email standardisation to RFC standards eliminates known and unknown exploits.
  • Email Compliance based on textual content and attached file types.
  • Web/URL Filtering according to category, content, and files types.
  • Application Filtering of Internet worms, spyware, IM, P2P, remote control applications and tunneling.
  • Spam Management blocks the flood of unsolicited bulk email, saving time and money.
  • 4-Layer Spyware Blocking - Layer 1: Spyware download blocking, Layer 2: Spyware ID blocking, Layer 3: Spyware signature blocking, Layer 4: Spyware communications blocking

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