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SQL Monitor [Commercial - Support With Update Subscription (2-Years) (9+) Per Server - Electronic *Non-Returnable* Windows] boxshot

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SQL Monitor [Commercial - Support With Update Subscription (2-Years) (9+) Per Server - Electronic *Non-Returnable* Windows]

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SQL Monior is a performance monitoring and alerting tool for SQL Server. It has a web-based UI, so you can check up on your servers wherever you are. It's simple to install, easy to use, and provides the data you need before making tough calls about sql server performance.

Web-based user interface

SQL Monitor's web-based UI is accessible from mobile devices and desktop machines, so you can investigate SQL Server performance wherever you are.

Straightforward overviews

The Global Overview shows performance data and alert status for each server, so you can spot problems fast. Every machine, server, and database gets a dashboard too.

Real time performance data

SQL Monitor's performance statistics are updated every 15 seconds. Historical data is preserved for analysis and baselining, to help pinpoint past performance problems.

Centralised alerts

SQL Monitor raises alerts within seconds of a problem occurring. They arrive in a shared Alert Inbox, and you can pick them up by email or use PagerDuty for SMS.

Custom metrics

Add T-SQL scripts to make SQL Monitor gather and provide alerts on extra performance data that's important for your servers and applications.

User roles

You can specify the access permissions for each user with new user roles: administrators, standard users, and read-only users.

Top 10 expensive queries list

For each database and server, SQL Monitor captures the queries that consume the most resources. You can also look back in time to see which queries caused problems.

Built-in analysis

The Analysis tab shows graphs of the data SQL Monitor has collected. You can spot trends, work out baselines, and compare performance over equivalent time periods.

Embedded expertise

To help you fix problems faster, alerts and performance metrics contain advice on the possible causes of errors and the other statistics that you should check.

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