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DefensePipe [Please Call for Pricing]

Published By: Radware UK Ltd

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What Does DefensePipe Do?

DefensePipe is a cloud-based DDoS protection service that provides Radware customers that are currently using Radware’s Attack Mitigation System (AMS) with end-to-end attack mitigation (on-premise and in the cloud) with volumetric DDoS attack mitigation and Internet pipe saturation defense.

This scalable DDoS protection service automatically engages once AMS detects imminent pipe saturation.

What Makes DefensePipe a Better Anti-DDoS Protection Service?

Widest security coverage

DefensePro uses a dedicated hardware platform based on Radware's OnDemand Switch supporting network throughputs up to 40Gbps. It embeds two unique and dedicated hardware components: a DoS Mitigation Engine (DME) to prevent high volume denial of service attacks (DoS) and distributed denial of service attacks (DDoS), flood attacks, without impacting legitimate traffic, and a StringMatch Engine (SME) to accelerate signature detection, providing optimal DDoS protection.

Single contact point for DDoS Attack Mitigation

Radware's Emergency Response Team (ERT) provides 24/7 DDoS protection and mitigates the attack during the entire attack campaign. No need to manage complicated transition of responsibilities between multiple vendors during a DDoS attack.

Shortest response time for Anti-DDoS Protection

DefensePro's anti-DDoS protection service allows detection and mitigation of network, application and low and slow attacks, offering guaranteed clean pipe to the organisation.

Integrated reporting system

DefensePro is an anti-DDoS protection service that more efficient forensics enabling a better understanding of threats and better planned DDoS attack mitigation strategies for future threats.

Widest security coverage compared to any other vendor

The integration of on-premise AMS and DefensePipe provides wide coverage of attacks that cannot be detected and protected by other DDoS mitigation services or solutions that are deployed only in the cloud or only on-premise. Attack coverage includes SSL based attacks, application layer attacks, low & slow and network floods.

Shortest response time by employing an on-premise AMS that starts immediately and automatically to mitigate the attack.

There is no need to wait for human intervention or to divert the traffic to a remote data center in order to start mitigation. On-premise attack mitigation system guarantees detection and mitigation of network, application and low & slow attacks, while DefensePipe guarantees a clean pipe to the organisation.

Single contact point during an attack with DDoS Mitigation Services

Whether the attack needs to be mitigated on-premise or in the cloud, Radware's ERT fights the attack with the customer during the entire attack campaign. This means that customers do not need to work with multiple vendors or DDoS mitigation services during an attack and do not need to transfer responsibilities between vendors or to ensure that the vendors are synchronised.

Traffic is diverted only as a last resort

Unlike cloud scrubbers and MSSPs that divert the entire customer's traffic to its scrubbing centers during an attack, Radware AMS diverts the attack traffic only when the volumetric attack threatens to saturate the Internet pipe. In all other attack cases, the on-premise attack mitigation system mitigates the attack without the need to divert the traffic.

Integrated reporting system provides information both from the on-premise mitigation and in the cloud mitigation.

This enables the customer to perform more efficient forensics, better understand the threats it is facing and to better plan its mitigation strategy for future threats.

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