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Task4Maps for MindManager [Commercial - Perpetual Licence (10) User - Electronic *Non-Returnable* Windows] boxshot

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Task4Maps for MindManager [Commercial - Perpetual Licence (10) User - Electronic *Non-Returnable* Windows]

Published By: Olympic Limited

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Task4Maps helps you manage tasks using the Windows desktop version of MindManager/Mindjet with full automation. Based on an extended Kanban method, Task4Maps divides your tasks into three main categories representing Future, Present and Past. Each of these is then further divided to fine tune the task proximity to the current day.

The main categories and sub-categories in Task4Maps are contained within Boundaries and as tasks are added or removed from categories/sub-categories the boundaries shrink or grow to accommodate the tasks. This provides you a quick, visual way of seeing which categories/sub-categories contain the most tasks and help you focus on specific categories/sub-categories as required.

Task Automation at your Fingertips
Task4Maps can be used in two modes; fully automated or manual. When the Auto-Schedule feature is enabled, Task4Maps will automatically move your tasks between sub-categories depending on the proximity of the task due date or its percentage complete.

If you want finer control you can turn Auto-Schedule off and manually move tasks between categories and perform a single, on demand refresh of the map when you want to update.

Focus…on what’s Important!
Task4Maps contains quick access views for the three main categories, Future, Present and Past. When you use these the map is automatically filtered to only show the category you are currently interested in focusing on thereby giving you more map canvas area to view and update individual tasks.

Topic Editor
Task4Maps comes with a handy Topic Editor which lets you edit the task information in a small dialog that appears next to the current topic to save you having to move backwards/forwards from the MindManager/Mindjet Task Pane. Once you make changes, Task4Maps updates the dashboard to re-organize tasks if required depending on the newly changed task attributes.

Set your Default Start Map in one click!
Quickly set the current map as the default start map to open and display each time MindManager/Mindjet is started. Simply select the command from the ribbon menu and your current map will open next time you start MindManager/Mindjet. This works with ANY map, not just Task4Maps dashboards and you can use it to quickly swap default start maps without having to visit the MindManager/Mindjet options dialog.

Currently available for the following MindManager for Windows versions:

  • MindManager 2016 (32 & 64 Bit)
  • MindManager 15 (32 & 64 Bit)
  • MindManager 14
  • Mindjet 11

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