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NetSupport DNA [Commercial - Perpetual Licence (Pack C) (250-399) Per User - Electronic Multiple Platforms] boxshot

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NetSupport DNA [Commercial - Perpetual Licence (Pack C) (250-399) Per User - Electronic Multiple Platforms]

Published By: NetSupport Software Limited

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New Features

NetSupport DNA is a complete IT Asset and Desktop Management solution designed to save time, reduce costs and add extra security to an organisation, school or campus.

So how does a single solution manage to do all that? DNA provides the tools to discover PCs and then deploy itself onto them. It will even monitor the network in the future to warn you when new PCs are added. Once installed, DNA goes to work…

  • Gather hardware inventories, including SNMP discovery
  • Identify and manage software
  • Discover new devices
  • Be alerted to changes
  • Internet and application metering
  • Easy software distribution
  • Cost savings features for energy and printing
  • Mobile inventory scanning.

DNA also offers optional classroom management and remote control modules.
NetSupport DNA is designed, first and foremost, to be easy to install and use. Download a free 30-day trial for up to 50 devices and be operational within 30 minutes - without the need to use third-party services or sending any of your data outside of your network.

Two new features come with NetSupport DNA 4.5 to help you to save time, costs, resources and increase productivity and security.

The Explorer mode provides you with a real-time overview of all of the PCs on the network, highlighting current notifications and active policies, allowing you to identify and resolve issues quickly. The data can be presented as Icons, Details or Thumbnail views – plus, privacy modes can be set to provide data protection and confidentiality.

The new Safeguarding tools for the Education edition (only), which in addition to the Safeguarding module which includes keyword monitoring and online resources, provide you with a deeper insight into each event. There are more ways to document and provide evidence for events with print, save, email and screen grabs options, plus details which staff have viewed the event. You will be able to find it easier to view trends and events through the phrase cloud, and monitor the students most at risk with a dynamic grouping function and track the history of their concerns.

• Ease of installation, deployment and use
• Device auto-discovery
• Hardware inventory
• SNMP discovery
• Software inventory and licence management
• E-safety and safeguarding module (education version only)
• Change tracking
• Application and internet metering, and control
• PC/System alerting
• Software distribution
• Power management and energy monitoring
• USB endpoint security
• User management
• Acceptable use policies
• Print monitoring
• Reporting and query tool
• Mobile inventory
• Remote control (optional)
• Classroom management (optional).

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