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Virtual Desktop Infrastructure [Please Call for Pricing]

Published By: Microsoft

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For simple Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) requirements, the subscription-based VDI Suite licence bundle is a cost-effective solution that enables deployment of VM-based desktops but not session-based desktops. It provides the following licences:

  • RDS CAL restricted to deploying VMs only (no session virtualisation)
  • A configuration management licence (CML) for Configuration Manager restricted to Virtual Machine Manager only.

In addition to the VDI Suite, SA or VDA is still required for each client-access device. The Microsoft Desktop Optimisation Pack (MDOP) is also available as part of the subscription. MDOP is an SA benefit that includes App-V for dynamic application delivery amongst other benefits.

VDI Suites are licensed on a per device basis, which means that only the number of devices accessing the VDI environment matters for the number of VDI Suite licenses required. The number of VMs accessed by each device does not matter for the number of VDI Suite licenses needed.

For more information on Microsoft VDI, or for licensing advice, please call us.

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