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HI-TECH Compilers PIC24 MCUs and dsPIC® DSCs [Please Call for Pricing]

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This new range of Microchip C compilers provides a comprehensive suite of compilers for Microchip¿s entire range of PIC® MCUs and dsPIC® DSCs, including:

PIC10/12/16 MCUs
PIC24 MCUs and dsPIC® DSCs

Omnsicient Code Generation¿

Omniscient Code Generation has been developed to read and process all C source modules in one step.

Rather than relying completely on the linker to uncover errors in independently compiled modules, an OCG compiler completes the initial stages of compilation for each module separately, but defers object code generation until the point at which a view of the whole program is available.

Information gathered from a global view of the program, can be used to provide better detection of potential errors in the user¿s code, and to better optimize the output.

Omniscient Code Generation:

Optimizes the size of each pointer variable in your code based on its usage
Reduces overhead required for interrupt context switching
Removes unused functions and variables
Automatically handles memory banking without requiring special qualifiers
Automatically analyzes user assembly and object code files
Eliminates the need for many non-standard C qualifiers and compiler options
Automatically detects and implements printf features required by program and eliminates unused features
Omniscient Code Generation¿ is available in HI-TECH C® PRO compilers for PIC10/12/16/18/32 MCUs. A HI-TECH C Standard compiler for dsPIC® DSCs and PIC24 MCUs is also currently available, with OCG optimizations features to be implemented by the third-quarter of 2009.

Other HI-TECH C Compiler Features:

Integrates into MPLAB® IDE and fully compatible with all Microchip debuggers and emulators
Integrates into Eclipse¿-based IDE, HI-TIDE¿
Fully ANSI-compliant
Includes Library source - for standard libraries and sample code for I/O drivers
Includes macro assembler, linker, preprocessor, and one-step driver
Runs on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X

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