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Silk4Net [Please Call for Pricing]

Published By: Micro Focus

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Silk4Net, SilkTest¿s powerful plug-in for Microsoft Visual Studio, is the most advanced tool for automating the functional testing process of enterprise software applications. Silk4Net¿s powerful test automation capabilities make it the perfect solution for regression, cross-platform and localisation testing across a broad set of application technologies including AJAX and Web 2.0, RCP or .NET and client/server, within the confines of today¿s short testing cycles. Designed for realising automation benefits even when applied to complex test cases, Silk4Net brings true test automation capability directly to the .Net developer¿s preferred environment and helps you deal easily with changes in the Application Under Test (AUT). Silk4Net¿s powerful testing framework enables high reusability of tests across test projects, further increasing ROI. With less time spent building and maintaining testing suites, QA staff can expand test coverage and optimise application quality.

  • Support for state-of-the-art technologies including AJAX/Flex/Web 2.0, Java, .NET and client/server
  • Multi-browser support without script modification
  • Full support for Microsoft Visual Studio 2010, VB .Net and C#
  • Powerful standalone recorder with customisation, replay and export functionality
  • Support for local and remote test execution spanning multiple machines
  • Integration with Micro Focus SilkCentral Test Manager for advanced, process-oriented test management and issue tracking
  • Industry leading Open Agent technology with fully automatic event synchronisation
  • Dynamic Resolving enables an object to be located without reference to a windows hierarchy
  • Animated Run Mode to provide ¿slow motion¿ playback of test scripts

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