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Hazop Manager [Please Call for Pricing]

Published By: Lihou Technical & Software Services

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HAZOP Manager Version is a comprehensive Personal Computer program for the management of Hazard and Operability Studies (Hazops) and other similar safety-related reviews. It is currently helping many companies throughout the world to conduct more efficient and effective studies. The software incorporates features and facilities that:

  • Serve as a framework within which preparation for the review can be structured.
  • Ease the task of recording the meeting minutes, and help to maintain the team's focus of attention and interest.
  • Give speedy access to material useful to the study team, such as previously identified problems, failure rate data and other such historical information.
  • Allow professionally formatted reports to be produced with the minimum of effort.
  • Permit additional management information to be extracted from the study records.
  • Provide a comprehensive and easy to use system for effective action follow-up and close-out, without the significant administrative burden that this usually entails.

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