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Hosted Desktop Connection Broker [Please Call for Pricing]

Published By: Leostream, Corp

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Hosted Desktop Connection Broker dynamically assigns users to Hosted Desktops running on physical or virtual machines, workstation blades, or Terminal Services. It is tightly integrated with Fat clients (e.g. Windows desktops), Thin Clients (e.g. Devon IT, Neoware, and Wyse), and Web Browsers, and it supports industry-standard remote viewer, authentication, and security protocols. Designed as a Virtual Appliance for the VMware ESX server, Connection Broker enables the connection of the widest range of back-end systems and clients. It provides a rich feature set for defining user and machine policies, including pooling and provisioning of Hosted Desktops, definition of ¿Session Stickiness¿ for end users, and policies based on User ID, location, or type of client.

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